Buy Laura Manoo a coffee


Hey There,

My name is Laura and I'm just a regular Trinidadian girl vlogging bits and pieces of my life, trying to showcase how we island people do things...From highlighting our family gatherings to showcasing fun places of interests.

I am also very passionate about skincare and healthy eating, as I love promoting a healthy balanced lifestyle through my Social Media. From showcasing my breakfast smoothies and shakes to even my everyday vitamins and supplements.

I also love highlighting new and trendy places to visit for tasty food, snacks and even drinks. Supporting and promoting small businesses and small business owners is something that I am extremely passionate about.

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget pretty much sums up my entire life, as I am a person who caters to a budget friendly audience. From fashion to skincare and health, I love advertising to my audience where exactly they can get a "Good Deal"

Oh and I'm also an Iced Coffee Lover, so if you'd like to buy me one, I would really appreciate it...But with almond milk please (As I am Dairy Free)

Feel free to check out my YouTube Channel (Laura Manoo). You can also follow me on Instagram and Ticktok and like and follow my page on Facebook....