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In Spirit 1/9/22 ❤

Jan 12, 2022

Cheers to doing something for the first time. ❤

As a dedication, the first day of this first entry is special-- a little different from how the future entries will be. I wanted to give a journal perspective so that you can understand how synchronicity flows through my life and why it is so glaringly potent for me.


I opened up one of my kindle books for the first time in about 2 weeks and began reading. Almost immediately, I came to this passage:

Likewise, a Zuni dancer wearing the mask of one of the kachina gods is doing more than impersonating the kachina. Transported into an altered state of consciousness by the dancing, drumming, rattling, and whirr of bull roarers, he “becomes for the time being the actual embodiment of the spirit which is believed to reside in the mask.”

As one Coast Salish said, “When I dance I don’t act, just follow your power, just follow the way of your power.”

(Excerpted from The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner)

Which reminded me of the card I saw over the weekend from one of the IG tarot accounts I follow:

(Click HERE for Zara Energy on IG)

This was enough to send me spinning. Right to the innanets that is. Where I found…

(Click HERE for more on the Oracle Cards. Beautiful words by Aurelia Dee.)

I decided to bask and let all of that energy sink in by having an herbal cigar on the balcony. Just as I stepped outside into the misty drizzle, a raven called from in the trees. In a few seconds, he cleared the trees flying over a neighbors house with slow flaps. Another followed. More calls came, as one after another after another flew the way he had gone. Animals are messengers, ravens/crows in particular. I inhaled my herbal smoke and let the moment hang in the air. There had been 5 of them. 5 is the number of change in numerology:

“ Number 5 means that major changes are coming to you. You should have faith and embrace these changes with all your heart and mind. The angels have prepared something very good for you and they want to tell you that with number 5. This number is related to guidance and encouragament that you will receive from you guarduan angels.”

(Excerpted from Angel Numbers)

I had brought my charcoal disks and some sage down with me so that I could do a cleanse outside. It hadn’t been that warm out in days. Having lit the charcoal before I lit my herbal cigar, it was just burning through so that I can use it. I put out the cigar and, grabbing the sage pieces with a tong, dropped the sage onto the hot charcoal disk and stood over it. As the smoke began to rise, I closed my eyes and leaned my head back to the sky, only to feel a few heavy drops of rain fall onto my face. Looking to see if the sage had smoked more, I began to quickly fan it up my body and around my head. The rain drops began to wet my clothes and I could hear them thudding around me as I put the charcoal away and ducked inside. I closed the screen door just as the sky opened and water began to drum down, pouring down the window blurring my view. All I could do was stand there in awe and wipe my face. Rain comes to cleanse, wash away the old and to welcome the new. A perfect bow for the gift of messages I had already received leading up to it:

Here are a few keywords regarding the symbolic meaning of storms…






The symbolic meaning of storms combined with the meaning of rain makes a statement that goes something like: “Sometimes big changes must happen in order to experience healing and renewal.”

More on rain/storm symbolism HERE.

I hope that something you read here feeds you in a way that your soul needs. As always, if you like it feel free to share and tag me. If you love it, thank you for sending me some energy via buying me a coffee — click the image below.

All is Love,

Lola ❤

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