In Spirit 🖤 3/28 ~ 4/2

In Spirit 🖤 3/28 ~ 4/2

Mar 28, 2022

Back from a sabbatical. Kinda. Also kinda still in it and starting a new one simultaneously. Woo.


Moving out of the linear time mentality means that

-You are free to envision your future and desires as something not far and seperate from you, but as already real and accessible to you once you become a match to it vibrationally by changing your frequency. As opposed to saying first I need to do this and get this and it will take this long to do so, you free whatever it is to move through space-time as opposed to time-space. Everything we want already exists, we are simply needing to become a vibrational match for it. You are coming to understand that regardless of what it is, you have the potentiality to manifest just as quickly as you speak it.

- You are able to allow the phases and cycles of your life to be what they may. No longer sacrificing the rhythm of your unfolding for the sake of being "on track" or controlling your path, you are now able to surrender and allow Divine Energy to carry you. You are trusting the seasons and workings as your life weaves its own divine path together based on your elevated intention and emotion.

Are you doing your inner work to get here?

Thank you for reading. As always, I hope that something resonates, feel free to leave what doesn't. Thank you for sending me some encouragement for the journey via the follow and/or support buttons above.

So much love~

Lola 🖤

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