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Feb 03, 2023

The whole game is to keep you out of yourself. Out of your mind. Out of your heart. Thinking that your happiness is outside of you. Your peace is outside of you. Your connection to God and the power to create your life is outside of you. The moment you realize it is all within, you have won.



You cannot work within the system to dismantle the system. That is almost like having your cake and eating it too. You want the ease of access and the familiarity of the system but to also change it. It doesn’t work that way. A wrecking ball doesn’t start within the rooms of the building because there is no space for it to gain momentum. It comes crashing in from the outside. Outside the walls. Outside the limitations. Outside the box. The only way to dismantle a structure from within is to detonate it. Which means you will have to destroy yourself to affect change. Which is also a frequent occurrence with those who go into systems with good intentions. So from the outside looking in, I say let’s knock it to the ground. We crave no space within it, no acceptance, no welcome. We cannot be swayed by promises of coveted inclusion nor with bait. We solely wish to see the dissolution of a glaring example of separation that needs to be done away with. We want the walls to come down.


“Without the storms and rain, life would cease to be”

Literally. Life on Earth would cease to exist. Without these occurrences, the very balance that is necessary for all of the diverse forms of life that inhabit the planet would be no more. As humans, we have largely come to think of storms and rain as inconveniences to the regular flow of our daily life. As an obstacle and something to protect ourselves from. We have placed our judgment upon a natural and necessary occurrence as a nuisance. The very firmament that has been in place since the beginning of life on this lovely being of a planet. A fundamental cause of all life that has come to be. So, beginning to speak figuratively, of course we would do the same. How much negative judgment do we pass on the storms of life, as if they are not also natural, necessary, and to be embraced as part of the fabric of life itself. Earth is a school and what is school if not for striving and learning. You cannot strive without said resistance. Such is the laws of natural life.



If deep within your soul there is a sadness, that is grief. And the thing about grief is that it is in response to the absence of something you once possessed. For the grief of the soul is the soul’s longing after its greater self and it’s grieving its connection to its creator. Your connection to your creator. Here on Earth where we strive to connect, as a part of the assignment within this dimension, the soul’s true longing is after real-izing its connection and oneness. To make it out of the illusion of separation from self, others, and source. Whether you call that Source, God, or the unknown, whether you think you believe or not, I challenge you only to seek. Especially those of us who may not be predisposed to a particular belief system or religion. Go to the holy places, the valleys and the mountaintops, also where man has erected temples and great structures. And simply open your heart to see if you are truly unable to feel the divine intelligence that flows through these places. All places, and all things, but perhaps it may take the grander expressions to bring you awareness of that. Unless you believe not that you have a heart. Then start there. For out of a man’s heart pourest his afflictions. So if you believe that there is no intelligence, no knowingness in your heart, go to these same places and listen. You will be lead home. For those of us already on this journey, may our action and creation be to join hands with others at these places until standing hand in hand, we span the entire Earth.


Your soul looked at all the different features and varieties of meatsuits and thought that the one you have was the most beautiful and most aligned with your soul learning and purpose. Trust that by loving your body for all that it has been, even all that it isn’t, and all that it has the potential to be. But most importantly all that it already is.


“The heavens are our home and the Earth is a marketplace.” And what do you do at a

marketplace? You go through, open, in expectation to receive what you want/need.


Everything is energy, frequency, and vibration. To take it a step further, everything is information. DNA is information. Most of which we do not access because we do not have the proper vibration to do so. It is scientifically proven that our genetic information is encoded with the fiber of the universe and the information gathered from the beginning of life on this planet until now. And if all is information, it can be said that the human body was made to sense and interpret information, then to do with that information what it may. Human existence is privy to sensing and interpreting energy, then manipulating that said energy as it will. It is up to us awakening and opening to heightened states of being in order to elevate our interpretation of our sensory experience and ability to shift energy as one wills. You, as a perfect creation, possess within you all of the necessary information to effect divine change in this physical world. But it requires your harmony and attunement.



Being an empty container and being able to feel everything clearly is paramount to embodying empathic and spiritual power, ascension to the 5th dimension and being able to be thrive in this spiritually turbulent time. In order to be able to discern evil, duplicity, ill-will, negative intentions, etc, you have to be willing and able to feel everything, including that which may not be your preferred experience. Not to mention being able to alchemize and releaseit. Also necessary, is the ability to discern between emotions that are coming from within you and those that are being received from your environment and those around you. Of course, in order to do that you must be able to feel, observe and resolve your own emotions and feelings — — no matter how uncomfortable. Then being able to do the same with what comes externally will come with more ease.

As an aside, those who have come into or been put into power in the past have often been able to fool the masses into trusting or surrendering to their will. But with the awakening and new spiritual knowing, the trickery and oppressive tactics will meet their match. It is coming to an end.


I’d be so blessed if you kept the circle of energy going by giving. May it be returned to you tenfold.

And so it is.

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