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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!  I am a lifestyle traveller and writer. I love meeting people in faraway places. We create stories together that hopefully can make an impact, through art. business and good health.

My love is India and I have spent quite a lot of my time supporting a school and women empowerment project in Jaipur. This project has been helping uneducated mothers living on a slum to start a workroom producing sustainable clothing. The idea is giving them purpose as well as providing an income so they can feed their families. I started an organic brand and purchased organic cotton for them. Now because of Covid the project has had to stop and they have now lost the premises and school for the children.  They have estimated a need to raise 5,000 Euros to get the project up and running so that when Covid is under control they will still have some hope for the future.

If you buy me a coffee, I will be donating the proceeds to the Saksham project in India to get the school in Jaipur up and running again. Covid19 made it impossible for them to carry on and new premises now need to be found.  The school enabled the Mothers to start a workroom making sustainable clothing which I have been supporting, by promoting, bringing awareness to the effects that fast fashion has had on our planet and finding new conscious customers willing to buy more sustainable clothing. This is a great cause and really really needs to carry on.

I try and write short articles every day and hope that by doing so people will enjoy and find something inspirational they can use in their own life.

I love sharing coffee and life experiences, in return, I hope I can inspire you to do the same. Check out my blog

A coffee is on 5 euros

1000 coffees will give us the money to get their school back.