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Hi there!

My name is Sarah Wendorf. I am passionate about gardening and create articles and videos on my website to help enhance your knowledge, skills, and overall enjoyment of gardening.

I live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada in Zone 4 and write articles to support not just local gardeners but anyone who would like to learn more about my methods with a small backyard urban garden.

My website is not sponsored and I have chosen not to include ads. I find ads frustrating and take away from what you really want, which is valuable information that you can use right away in your own garden.

I instead have chosen a simple layout with easy-to-follow instructions and tips free of distractions.

I personally pay 100% of the costs of hosting my website.

For these reasons, I hope to earn your support through a small donation of coffee if you find my articles and videos helpful to you.

Good luck in your own garden and wishing you many happy growing seasons ahead!