It's New Years Eve!! Happy New Year!

It's time to thank and release all that has happened in 2020 and be ready to start new.

This has been a year! If it has been hard for you, please receive the love that is being sent to you.

Now.. onto this card pull!

I pulled two cards for the collective today, so if this resonates, it's for you.

First card is the Two Of Pentacles.

You have a lot going on that you are juggling right now. Your business, life, kids...

It's a lot to balance, but you know you are capable of doing it and still make time to have fun and enjoy each moment.

Perhaps a better balance of it all AND having fun is your goal in 2021.

Take this as your sign it is 100% possible for you. ALL OF IT! You don't have to choose one over the other. You can have EVERYTHING you desire.

The second card is REJUVENATE.

This card goes so well with the other one!


You've been so worked up about HOW to juggle all that you are doing, you're forgetting to take time to REFRESH your soul.

Your business will still flourish even with you taking some time for you.

Actually, it's what you AND your business needs.

The world needs you to be at your best, so self care is a must.

Turn off your phone. Set BOUNDARIES in your business.

Put on some music and DANCE! Take a bath. Or go for a run!

Do what fills your soul....Then you can pour that into your business... While leaving some for you and everything else.

Does this resonate with you?