How to establish Audio Video call and Screen Share option using WebRTC in Angular 11

Mar 08, 2021

During COVID situation, when most of us are working from home or remote area, we need to connect with our friends, office colleagues via internet using Zoom, MS Teams, Whatsapp and what not. They are really offering a good solution for us to connect with our co-workers. I don't know, what technology they are using to do audio, video & screen sharing, but there are some dependencies behind each solution, like, you need to install team in your computer or mobile. You do not know, whether they are saving your data or not and also sometimes they add a timer in behind, whenever the mentioned time elapsed, your call will disconnect automatically. 

For more details please visit - https://lazypandatech.com/blog/Miscellaneous/25/How-to-establish-Audio-Video-call-and-Screen-Share-option-using-WebRTC-in-Angular-11

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