Luis Chaparro’s Wishlist
Sinaloa Reporting Trip

I'm embedding with Sinaloa Cartel members of the 'El Mayo' Zambada elite group team to bring you an exclusive and real access to their operations. What would I bring back to you? Three different short documentaries on:US STATES ARE LEGALIZING MARIJUANA, SO MEXICO'S CARTELS ARE FINDING A NEW MARKET FOR 'PREMIUM WEED-We will follow the process for the new ‘premium weed’ business in Sinaloa: from the greenhouse to the dispensaries. We will learn when they started switching from the old sinsemilla to the new hydroponic ‘premium’ weed and why. Are they losing part of the market to US weed legalization? Where do they get the seeds from? Is it also for export to the US or is it just a national or local market? Thoughts on Mexico’s weed legalization… If it becomes legal, will they go the legal way? Is it profitable? Is the government helping in any way? We will explore the ideas and business practices that the Sinaloa cartel, under Los Chapitos, is borrowing from the legal weed industry in California and their branding and marketing efforts.-We will meet with independent weed growers in the area about their businesses and what they expect from the weed market in Mexico? Are they preparing to sell weed to Mexican consumers?A SINALOA CARTEL HITMAN SHOWS ME HOW TO PICK UP AN AK-47-We start driving to the outskirts of Culiacán to meet probably the strongest and deadliest factions of the Sinaloa Cartel: the Grupo Flechas, working for Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambada. There we will introduce ourselves to the armed group to ask what kind of weapons they are carrying, how they obtained those and who is providing the cartel with such firepower. I’ll ask them to show me how to carry an AK-47 and how to be ready to use it. How they started as sicarios, what is their vision for the future of themselves as individuals, but also as the organization. Is the Sinaloa Cartel still consolidated as only one organization or is it several factions operating separately. Is it true that AMLO is supporting this organization? SIT DOWN INTERVIEW WITH A SINALOA CARTEL MEMBER-This would be a sitdown interview with a Sinaloa Cartel member to learn how the organization has changed through the years. Is it still operating under one command? What happened during the Culiacanazo? Why is Culiacán so valuable for the organization? And everything else that comes to mind re: the Sinaloa Cartel myths and facts. 

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