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Hello. Ling Ling here.

First of all, I’m sending you lots of love, light and strength as we face this global crisis. We are all finding ways to stay safe, protect the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones as well as supporting each other as best as we can. 

We’ve been making The Leaders of Learning podcast for a little over 2 years and it is such a joy and blessing. I’ve loved reaching out to diverse experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs from around the world and to distill their years of experiences into digestible episodes. 

When I started the podcast, I  knew that podcasting is a challenging medium to sustain. It has been a steep learning curve and I’m ever so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow on this journey. In the past 5 seasons, we spoke to leaders who shared our possible futures in Asia, ways to adopt modern learning approaches in the workplace, essential skills for professional development, technological trends that impact businesses, and much more. 

Producing, editing and publishing the podcast takes a huge part of the workweek and I have relied on other forms of income to continue running the show. While we have accepted advertising before, it hasn’t provided sufficient resources to sustain and expand the show. 

This global crisis means we now need your help more than ever. We want to continue to create more awesome episodes and content. But we have always been under-resourced and even more so now than before. In these trying and stressful times, we all need connection and a little support.

We’ve never asked you, our amazing listeners, for donations before. We’d be grateful if you can spare as little as $3, which is the price of a cup of coffee. For those who have donated, we will add your name on our website and if you leave your email address, you will receive personal updates.

If financial contribution is not possible right now, you can support us by sharing the podcast online. If you can afford more, it would make a huge difference to us during this global crisis. 

Thank you so much for following us these past 2 years. Take care. Stay safe. Wash your hands and always look out for each other. 

Sending you lots of love, light and strength,
Ling Ling