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👋, I'm Leah! I am a recent grad who is starting my career in the corp tech world. I tell brand stories through creative marketing, design strategy, and product management. I'm passionate about mentorship and career development. Learn more about me here and find time to connect by selecting the featured extras or scheduling directly here. After selecting, it will redirect you to my calendar. I'd love to chat with you.

  • Resume & CV Consultations | $15: Review session over your resume or CV to format, structure, and wordsmith it to perfection. We will walk through the content and overall design to ensure its ready for your dream job.
  • Career Consultations | $15: We will discuss your career goals and what strategies need to be placed to attain them through networking, personal branding, job searching, etc. After the call, you will have tangible next steps to work towards.
  • Personal Storytelling Consultations | $25: Review session over personal statements, essays or your online presence focused on scholarships, study abroad opportunities and gaining attention from recruiters/prospects. We will focus on framing your story and spotlighting your skills.
  • Student Chats | Choose $: This option is for students who would like to choose how much they would like to pay (if able) for options 1-3 above.