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Hello Cosmic Souls! I'm Leanne Juliette - creator of the pioneering Disruptive Consciousness movement - where Truth is Medicine, Freedom is the Revolution & Disruption is the Currency!

I'm the Host of the Disruptive Consciousness Podcast, a YouTube Creator, Writer & powerful Catalyst for both the Energetics of Death & Rebirth and revolutionary Quantum Expansion.

You'll find me invigorating, liberating, expansive, activating, quirky, blunt and a breath of fresh air as I deliver powerful Truth to expand you in ways you've never experienced before!

I'm not one for messing around - I'm here to DISRUPT YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS and create powerful waves of FREEDOM & EXPANSION in your life through the means of Truth as Medicine.

I give you LIMITLESS EXPANSION to experience ALL OF YOU as we traverse the Multiverse together and bring you back into alignment within your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual Self.

Disruptive Consciousness - Where Truth Is Medicine, Freedom Is The Revolution & Disruption Is The Currency.

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