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Thanks for checking out my API doc site and blog. Both sites are unique and comprehensive in nature. The API course is entirely free and can be accessed by anyone looking to learn best practices for API documentation. I'm continually adding to the course, updating the content, and making other enhancements. On my blog, I write about issues, trends, and best practices related to the technical communication profession. My blog is more like a professional journal. Buy me coffee to help me stay awake as I continue developing course content and new blog posts! 
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Thanks for interesting post on metrics. Seems like we all struggle to turn metrics into actionable improvements?

Hi Tom - Thanks for the great LinkedIn article. It's actually helping me overcome my fear of GitHub and API documentation. Yes, I'm a newbie. I've signed up for your list and look forward to reading more.

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I just bought you a cup of coffee as a token of my appreciation.

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Your article on REST and SOAP API's was very helpful to me. Thank you.