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Hello there! 👋

This is Vidya.

I am a Data Scientist and a Freelance Copywriter living in Hyderabad, India.

My interest in blogging and sharing knowledge with others led me to create The Curious Bunch Newsletter. 💌

This is how I use your 1$ support towards my Newsletter & Other projects:

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1.Connect with you to get to know you better, help you with your projects if I can (😊) and give you a shoutout to 1000+ readers in my newsletter and on Twitter.
2. Pay for my domain ( so that new & current readers can easily access & share the newsletter + newsletter archive.
3. Support my other projects like 'Newsletter Guide' which is in its early stages of creation.
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5. Treat myself with a nice cup of ginger milk tea while designing, writing, and curating the newsletter for you. ❤

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