Hello beautiful people!

Thank you for supporting The Curious Bunch on BuyMeACoffee. It gave me enough push to start working on my projects and now I'm planning to create free resources for my readers.

Newsletter Checklist is one of many such free resources! I'm also working on Newsletter Guide, one of my passion projects, and will soon be open to pre-sale. Who's excited? 😀

I'd love to know what other resource (Free or not) you're looking for so I can prioritize my future side-projects. Please reply me back with your questions. :)


Starting a newsletter and not sure how to do it? I got you!

Use this handy checklist to start and grow your newsletter.

What's inside?

✅ Steps to find your niche
✅ Resources to collect feedback for your newsletter
✅ Resources to submit your newsletter to directories
✅ How to make your newsletter profitable without sponsorships or advertisements.
✅ Marketplaces to find sponsors
✅ Marketplaces to find cross-promotions with other newsletter writers
✅ Newsletter tips by successful newsletter writers.

Download it for free here.

P.S: If you aren't into Newsletters, do forward it to someone who might be interested or share it on Twitter. :) Thank you! ❤

Reach out to me on Twitter (@learnwithvidya) if you have any more questions. Happy to help! DMs open.