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Terraform Full Course for Beginners | Ha ...

Terraform Full Course for Beginners | Hashicorp Terraform Associate Certification Exam Pre

Nov 11, 2021


What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

What is Infrastructure as Code IaC and its benefits

What is Terraform?

Terraform Features

Terraform Basic Commands

Terraform Main Commands

In-depth explanation (Terraform get, init, validate, plan, apply, state, workspaces, destroy, import, taint, graph)

Terraform Coding (Structure, resources, data sources, variable, providers, functions, modules, provisioners, Lifecycle Policy, Remote State backend)

Terraform Cloud & Enterprise

Terraform is our tool of choice to manage the entire lifecycle of infrastructure using infrastructure as code. That means declaring infrastructure components in configuration files that are then used by Terraform to provision, adjust and tear down infrastructure in various cloud providers In this tutorial, you will learn in-depth about what is Terraform, the important commands we use daily, how we can code with Terraform, and how to work with teams while coding infra as code with Terraform.

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