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June Updates: What To Expect

May 30, 2021

Hey Butterflies,

Here is what you can expect for the month of June My Birthday Month

  • Blunt Truth Convo's which will be a weekly LIVE STREAM Thursdays at 7pm EST *Random Topics and suggested ones by you similar to IG LIVE but you get to fully participate via chat box and or talking )

  • Community Chat & Checkin's where we will be Brain Dumping, Goal Setting, and Resetting twice a month ( June 4th at 7PM EST) AND (June 27th at 7pm EST)

  • Book of The Month: NEW BOOK CHOICE REVEAL ON THURS JUNE 3RD Blunt Truth Convo

  • Tribe Talk (Video msgs giving you that dose you need)

  • Featured Vibes Playlist (Which is our tribe playlist)

  • Opinion Corner

  • Good Morning Butterfly Posts

  • Blog ( May I took one day off) (June I will be hitting you with that daily posting)

  • The Extra's 1) 15 Min Pay what you want (vent session not coaching) and 30 min for $30 (Used for coaching notes will be given) where you get to speak to me your Blunt Truth Sister and Coach.

So thankful and grateful for all the love and support and hope you all are ready for a jam-packed month of JUNE.

See you in the Members Lounge

Your Blunt Truth Sister


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