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Morning Word

Nov 29, 2021

Hey yall,

Sorry this Monday started off hectic from the top of the morning. So Morning word today is a little bit more of an Afternoon Word but nonetheless the word is here.


Check on your strong friends, I cannot say this enough.

Mental Health is a major issue in today's world and we need to be more present and aware. You ever look at your strong friend and wonder how they always seem so positive, so cheerful, so full of energy?

Well... that friend has highs and lows too, because they are human. So just because it may seem one way to you, always know that highs and lows don't always balance and sometimes the lows can be hitting them super hard. So have grace, be more gentle, check in, show love, be the person you would want in your own times where the lows have come up.

Have a great MONDAY

Happy Cyber Monday. I have two sale options going on and all you have to do is send me a DM on IG that says CYBER and I will send you all the information.

Your blunt Truth Sister

Signing out


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