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Hey there, I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!

I’m joking.

I will pay to keep my caffeine levels at appropriate levels. Instead of buying a coffee for a guy in a rich country, you can do better. We all can do better.

We can do magic. We can transform a stream of Americanos sipped in overly expensive locations into something much more powerful. We can change lives.

Maybe you think it’s an exaggeration. It’s not. We’re so stuck in our Western perspective that a major fear is an inflation rate reaching 5% rather than staying at 2%. We may forget that the world is a big place with big problems.

Let’s face it. We can’t change the world for everybody in the blink of an eye, but we can change the world for some people over the long run.

When I learned that a self-made, Indian-American value investor living in one of the wealthiest counties in California set up a foundation to prepare girls and boys from rural India for the admission test at the renowned Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) or for medical schools, I was hooked.

I’m talking of Mohnish Pabrai, who founded the Dakshana Foundation about two decades ago. He is an example of mine. Clearly, he’s moved by intrinsic motivation — to change the lives of children that wouldn’t have a shot in life. Imagine what it means for those children. Imagine if it were you to be born in a rural region of a third-world country, probably discriminated against because of your family status or gender — all things that you didn’t and couldn’t choose. 

I’m motivated to help them not only because of their noble cause but because I know that “a little will do a lot.” Maybe it’s just a coffee that you’re contributing to , but each coffee ($3.30) funds one day of education for one kid.

I think it’s a moral imperative for those of us who were lucky to be born in wealthier societies to help those who are applying themselves to climb the social ladder. And we know that education is the most effective way to change individual lives at a microscopic level and increase productivity of society at a macroscopic one. 

I pledge to devolve 100% of the contributions that I’ll receive here to Dakshana. I will release an invoice from Dakshana proving that I’ve transferred the funds as soon as we collect $2,350, which is close to the sum required to fund an entire 1- or 2-year program for one kid. I will absorb any tax and all costs and fees associated with the collection and transfer of money so that 100% of your contribution goes to fund the programs.

Also, I will match 10% of your contributions. In fact, I’m asking only $3 per coffee instead of the $3.30 required to support one kid for one day. This is exactly why you may want to consider donating here instead of giving money directly to Dakshana — each dollar that you donate here will be amplified by my contribution. I will make sure to provide evidence that I’m devolving an amount equal to 100% of the donations plus my contribution.

For the time being, I will match up to the first $4,700, which will fund entirely the programs for two kids. It would be wonderful to come back here in a few months and reassess this limit because we are getting many donations.

For full disclosure, I’m not affiliated or related in any way with Dakshana. I just want to support their cause because I think it’s noble, practical, and effective. For more information about Dakshana:

For all links about me besides this little foundation: