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My home is under attack... It's a war

Mar 03, 2022

I'm Marianne, flow art performer, teacher of English as second language, acting coach from Kyiv, Ukraine.

I've always been open to the whole world and never felt myself as citizen of one country. I don't like boundaries which separate people from each other.

To the question "Where are you from" answer was "Planet Earth"!

Our home, our planet is suffering. It's suffering from pollution, hunger, war.

But most of all our planet suffers from greed, avarice, vanity, envy, lies produced by people.

Unfortunately, these people come to power and they desperately want to consolidate power in their hands.

Now my home country Ukraine🇺🇦 is being bombarded by a man who controls the biggest country of the world and minds of its citizens.

Most people in Russia think that what they hear from their TV is true. But it's not.

Ukrainians are free to speak out, we choose our leaders, we're free to speak any language! We don't need saviors! We are saviors ourselves!

Ukrainians are fighters, our ancestors were Kozaks - the warriors.

We will fight furiously till the last breath!

But the truth is we want to live in peace!

War isn't romantic, battles doesn't come with epic music on the background as in the movies.

War is terrible, terrifying, bloody, dirty, awful and disgusting.

War destroys homes, children, innocent people, cultural monuments.

It destroys lives!

What is even more disgusting - Putin destroys his own country, he destroys Russia and RF citizens.

It's unforgivable!

#stopthewar #stopputin #нетвойне #остановитьпутина #нетвойневукраине #ukraine #warinukraine #peaceforukraine #peaceforukraine🇺🇦

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