Hi, I'm Marianne or simply Lantern Fairy!

I enjoy playing with different types of props in a way called Flow Art.

If you had no chance to experience it yourself I would be happy to become your guide in this wonderful world of flow.

Flow Art doesn't have boundaries, it may be anything starting from dance moving to object manipulation or even cooking)))

I have been dancing since I was a child, I choose my first fire prop at the age of 17 and never stopped since.

I'm experiencing different techniques of fans, leviwand manipulation and looking forward to get my Chinese flow Dragon which is on its way.

All regular posts you'll find on my Instagram

Web home of Lantern Fairy

I promise to create some special videos only for this page and I'll appreciate you helping me grow.

And I love coffee! Can't live a day without this magic drink.

All coffees received will get me new props and costumes.

Aside from flow art I teach children English and Acting (Musical Theatre, Speech, Drama)

Thank you for support!

Let's enjoy our flow❤