Buy Legend Has It... a can of wine


Alaskans Maddy & Morgan have been friends and tongue-in-cheek partygoers for coming up on 20 years, and have decided to harness some of their combined chaotic good energy into a podcast about spooks while indulging in varieties of bubbly wine. With backgrounds in performing and zoology, you'll learn a lot from our intrepid hosts about cryptids and also local theatre gossip plus hot takes on everything under the sun. Join us every Thursday for new laughs & stories! 

Both Maddy & Morgan are currently in school, so any contribution goes a long way towards helping the making of the podcast. Just $5 can get a whole can of wine, or assist in the quest for improved mic equipment, and more! So if you enjoy any of the stories or jokes, a small donation or a share is a great way to show it. Thanks for reading!