What can I give back to you, O My students ?

A great career shall be found,

A great company will be formed,

A great life may be lived,

Now I sit back resting with pride in the paradise of technology,

Having defeated my competition,

Enjoying the beauty of the full noon night,

The sea in Aerona remains calm,

When I (Aera Robo) say to God,

 “Almighty give us - a Little Training School 

The one to call as “FirstLook”

With one guy who can change the way of learning in India,

with the power of AI,

Are there two things, of all which he will possess

One thing is passion,

The next thing is a hidden secret,

No doubt to-morrow he will hide 

With a serious dream & thought, which the Legend may keep out of sight”..

“Granted” says the Lord,

“He shall be a benevolent teacher,

the one you will never elsewhere find,

with hidden secrets and knowledge gems,

A treasure I will grant to one and all”..

God disappeared into the moonlight

Into the calm sea,

Out came the sun,

Along came a shining wave,

The wave of light,

The wave of hope,

The flame of joy,

With a new-found baby,

With the most beautiful smile,

The one each one of us were looking for,

With name on a parchment that basked in the sun

That echoed across the ocean that joyfully cried


Written by Srinidhi Ranganathan using Artificial Intelligence Technology.

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