One of the most crucial aspects of getting online income is getting tons of traffic to your site. Traffic is the link between you making or breaking your website.

There are various ways of creating the traffic you desire. If you can combine these different traffic generating methods, you can get that constant circulation of website visitors every online marketer is aiming for.

If these tips are not working temporarily, you cannot be afraid to attempt various things for you can drop one or two things. Evaluating is essential and implementation is key! In some situations, particular strategies will work wonders; and in other situations, those exact same techniques might become a real cropper.

The more tests and experiments you do, the simpler it will be for you to figure out exactly how, where and why you're getting traffic in the methods you execute. Knowing what your audience responds to will be the objective of your projects.

Here are 10 tested traffic suggestions that will help you get tons and tons of visitors to your website regularly:.

Viral Website Traffic Suggestion # 1: Submitting Articles.

This is one of the most popular, however sometimes - overlooked traffic techniques. You can compose numerous posts and submit them to high PR (page rank) article directories. To get a list, merely search for "leading article directories" in Google.

As long as you optimize your article for your selected keywords (putting your keywords in the title and spreading them among your content), compose fascinating topics that entertain or notify people, and produce a powerful "call-to-action" resource box, you might generate lots of consistent visitors to your sites.

Some of the websites you can submit your blogs are www.inbound.org and

Viral Website Traffic Suggestion # 2: Collect and curate content endlessly

Do not merely compose one post and submit it to 50 directory sites, all the time. This is something you need to do; however the problem with some marketers is that as soon as they send that one post, they have the tendency to lose out on a whole lot of other traffic opportunities.

Exactly what you have to do is take that a person post and turn it into news using This will help you curate any kind of traffic for it to be seen in an online newspaper format.

And while you're at it, you can convert your short articles to powerpoint discussions and upload them to Then you can even transform these powerpoints into their video version, and then you can upload into YouTubemetacafe, vimeodaily motion and other video sharing sites. The possibilities are limitless! You can also curate all your videos into a TV channel using and start a netflix style website with is also an amazing content curation tool for top enterprises who specialise in content creation and curation.

Viral Website Traffic Suggestion # 3: Generate backlinks

Getting links back to your site is essential. Exchanging links with other sites of a comparable niche or theme is a fantastic method to accomplish this method. Use to monitor backlinks right from your wordpress dashboard. Also use to submit your websites to search engines with dedicated servers to ensure maximum exposure. You can also use this site for YouTube backlinks submission.

Viral Website Traffic Suggestion # 4: Blogging.

Blog sites are a fantastic way to get some great referral traffic. Yes, you can give yourself recommendation traffic. You can use to publish blogs. An alternate to this is 

Viral Website Traffic Suggestion #5: Social Bookmarking and Networking.

Websites like and enable you to bookmark and share nearly any information you'd like to. By positioning your website and blog sites all over these incredibly popular social bookmarking sites, you are bound to develop a grand following.

Viral Website Traffic Suggestion # 6: Submitting Press Releases.

This is another great way to obtain direct natural traffic, however is extensively ignored. A news release can get the word out quickly and effectively about your site and what you're using. Search for "leading news release sites" on Google to get a great list. A fiverr result for “” will get you tons of guest bloggers who have created gigs on featuring you on top publishing sites like Forbes.comwww.huffingtonpost.incnn.com etc. You can leverage this amazing tip.

Viral Website Traffic Suggestion # 7: Referral Marketing

By using you can quickly & easily setup refer a friend style giveaways, sweepstakes, and product launches! You can create exceptional landing pages, lead forms for email marketing etc. in a jiffy. An alternative to this tool is that lets you create a landing page and promote it using viral referral mechanisms and rewards.

Viral Website Traffic Suggestion # 8: Using Craigslist to the max usage

Ever popular is a fantastic way of marketing yourself or your business. People are going there to find anything and whatever nowadays; so why do not you get a piece of that action? Posting some great details with your site link in it is an excellent way to attract new visitors.

Viral Website Traffic Suggestion # 9: Leverage Bitorrent Marketing is a peer-to-peer, file-sharing tool, that allows anyone to seed and share files. It is also an incredible way to market any type of product. Marketing on torrents sites is free and you can get thousands, if not millions of people looking at your file or offer in no time.

The best technique to market using Bit Torrents is to create a short report or simple piece of software that is relevant to your website or affiliate program. You should be sure that the website that you are attempting to direct traffic to, is mentioned here prominently. You may also want to add a few affiliate links or offer links or Youtube video links into your short report on a notepad file in the same folder the set-up file is. Don't go crazy here. If people just feel like your report is just a sales pitch, they are not likely to purchase from you. 

You also want to be sure that you create a .nfo file. This .nfo file that you will use to provide a description of your file. It will help people find you. You also want to be sure that you give your torrent file a good url name, one that is descriptive and other - search engine friendly. 

Once you have created your file, it is time to submit it to the Bit torrent sites. Here is a list of some great ones:,, Snarf It!,, BiteNova,,,,,,,, BTjunkie,,,


Traffic is the number one concern of anybody aiming to make money online. There are numerous methods to do this and some work better than others. Paying and utilizing great keywords attention to what's working for you and your website will figure out how well you do.

Traffic generation is not a secret but it is an "art" that needs to be practiced. There is no magic traffic button. To acquire the volume you require or desire in your company will take some work. Utilizing these easy traffic methods will put more visitors on your pages.

Since you'll have created all the traffic you desire, test and test again and you will discover what works; then you won't require to worry about a magic button.

In 30 days, your website will get so much TRAFFIC that your servers will crash: This is no joke, as I utter this once again. But, implementation is key for all this..

Your Amazing Digital Marketing Coach,

Srinidhi Ranganathan (The King of DM)