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Hey, your support will enable us to create more and with greater creative freedom! 👋

We've decided to create this page for people who would like to support our channel. So if you want, you can buy us a coffee or become a member to support us on an ongoing basis. Thank you so much! We appreciate each and everyone who supports us and our channel.

In our videos, we take you around the world and show you new and thrilling adventures. 

Our name is Mark & Lara, we are from Germany, and currently living the nomad lifestyle exploring our beautiful world. After our economics (Lara) and computer science (Mark) studies we saved up money and decided to see the world. Since 2021 we are on the road and just can't get enough of seeing new cultures, hearing people's stories, tasting new foods, and sharing all that with you on our YouTube channel.

THANK YOU for your support and greetings,

Mark and Lara