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£10 of  £3000 goal reached!

We're taking the kids to Canada for the Family Adventure Summit in September 2020!


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LemonAid is a story of that age-old cliché – two female friends come out (aged 39 and 42), start a relationship, with 4 young children between them. The twist is what happens next!

Who are we? We are a gay, bi-racial, location independent, blended family of six – two mothers, three daughters and one son.

Why LemonAid? Well, that’s a nod to…

  • The use of the word ‘lemons’ to mean lesbians.
  • The fact that us being together has been much needed ‘first aid’ for the lives we were living.
  • The saying “when life gives you lemons make lemonade” – because we don’t want to wait around for life to give us lemons…we want to go out, pick our own and squeeze the f*ck out of them to make delicious LemonAid!
  • The fact that creating our own recipe has essentially been like filling in the missing parts of us being able to be more ‘us’ than we’ve ever thought possible.
  • The perfect kind of LemonAid is a balance of sweet & sour!

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Welcome To Life With A Twist!

Jan 17, 2020

We're relaunching with something that – for now – feels fizzier, zestier and easier for us to run while blended family life is a little more challenging.

If you know us or follow us on any other social media, you may know that our blended family experienced a very difficult time in the last quarter of 2019, and we're still working through the challenges (and will be throughout the rest of 2020).

During this time – which saw almost weekly (daily) break-ups between us! – we were most certainly not in any kind of space to be sharing publicly (or even privately) what was happening.

Now we're through the worst of it, true to our goals at LemonAid, we'd really like to start sharing more of our blended family life – the ups, the downs, the warts and all – because it teaches us so very much about ourselves, each other and what it takes to create the kind of relationship(s) we've always craved...one based on intimacy, trust, being seen fully, and wanting to be with someone on the same journey of growth as you are (and not *needing* to be). 

We'd love you to join us for the journey, if you too enjoy life with a twist. You can do that by:

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£10 of  £3000 goal reached!

We're taking the kids to Canada for the Family Adventure Summit in September 2020!