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Blogger, software creator, public speaker from Dnipro, Ukraine. Working with JS/TS, React, Go, Ruby, Elixir and other things.

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by!

I keep a blog about web development and other technical topics. My purpose is to share the knowledge that I've learned along my way, so that you can take it even further.

I've also created several open source libraries and tools that are all listed on my GitHub page. Supporting them takes time and effort.

Incidentally, coffee is one of my big hobbies. I prefer to grind and brew my own. Current home setup is a Baratza Encore grinder and a Rancilio Silvia semiautomatic espresso machine. 

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I've really enjoed your Royal Ruby tale 👑 Keep on writing 😉

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I love your post on OAuth2 in 50 lines of Clojure ( Good stuff!

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