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My Intentions

💞 I have been experimenting with how I want to design intentional reciprocation for how I show up in time/space with my full being. ONLY if you feel called to.. I welcome you to contribute based on what you feel the value of our most recent interaction/engagement is (as a pay what you think you received). 💝

💬 Mostly, I would be really delighted to get an authentic note or testimonial in the "Say something nice.." section. This will grow to be a "wall of love" for the impact I am making from ripples to waves 🌊.

💸 I also do NOT want this to be a financial barrier to anyone so I'm happy to Venmo/Paypal/Cashapp you back the charge if you only want to post a note for me. Just DM me your payment info 💌

☕ If you want to start your own Buy Me a Coffee page, please use my referral link! 🙏🏼 

Who I Am and What I Do

👋🏼 Hello World!

🦁 My name is Leon Wang or 王立中 (Wánglì zhōng), they/them and/or ki/kin pronouns. I am a ⚡ (Auto)Catalyzing Connector, 🧭Exploration Facilitator, 🌐 Networks Weaver and 🌏 ABAR Intersectional Environmentalist.

💖 My passion is in the interstitial space - tapping into 🦋 nature-inspired creativity and wisdom for more well-adapted solutions and leveraging 🤖emerging tech for social+environmental impact.

🙌🏼 My doings center around ideation, transformation, and impact that lead us to being in 🧵 right relationship with ourselves, each other, and this planetary home we call Spaceship Earth. 🚀

🌏Here's to bravely shifting our dreaming, knowing, being, and doing in this world to be more 💗 People Positive,  🌪️ Complexity Conscious and 🕊️ Life Liberating. Inward+Onward 🌈

🙏🏼I hold deep gratitude and endless awe for you, us-all, and our home. 🌎

👇🏼 Find me online.