* * *

“I won’t drag this on. You already know who I am but I suggest not letting your sister know,” Jonathan said the moment they entered the library. The reason he said this is because it was not the time yet.

“And why would I do that?” Fyre sassed, raising his brows towards Jonathan.

“Because your sister will get hurt…” Jonathan said, looking straight on Fyre’s eyes. His gaze was serious. Listening to what this noble had just said, Fyre thought maybe he was joking or being sarcastic but he was not. He was serious, making Fyre furious than he already was.

“You asshole, that’s why I’m telling her now so you won’t hurt her further in the future. Both of you are never meant to be. You even escaped from your family just to be able to play here and you still think I’m gonna tolerate you playing with Remi?” Fyre yelled in displease. He already had a rough idea how nobles are but this was just too much. They think they’re so high and mighty. They’re arrogant and egotistic.

“I’m not playing with your sister. It may be difficult to believe but do feel attraction towards her. But for now, I need to keep my identity. This is also to protect her. When the time comes, when things all work out then I’ll tell Remi myself,” Sighing, seeing his girlfriend’s little brother glare at him, Jonathan patiently listened to the Omega’s words before he replied. He was not surprised how the Omega had known his circumstances however despite that, his words were true.

He did fall for Remi but that doesn’t mean they would last forever. Of course he would want to if possible, but before that happens, before their relationship lasts, he needed to make sure Remi was prepared to know his real identity. It’s something that needs to be done because being with him and staying by his side will not be easy. If Remi in the end chose to give him up then he would have no choice. However, for now, he didn’t want to talk about this. He wants to savor the time he had with her and he can’t let Fyre ruin it for him.

“You can’t change my mind. You say it’s to protect Remi but in the end, you’ll still hurt her,” Fyre barked with a frown on his delicate-looking forehead.

“That depends on Remi, now, she’s happy with me. And… you must know, she’s currently under my protection. Being that you have the talent to know everything about your sister, you should know she’s not in a desirable position,” Jonathan said. Because the Omega seemed to know a lot, then he must have known why they were living together in the first place. Seeing Fyre’s reaction, Jonathan smirked knowing that he was right.

“I can protect Remi, I assume you know my ability and I have Mo Tian Zi’s backing… he’s currently investigating the current situation so Remi needs to stay with me until he resolved this,” Jonathan said and as he was hoping, Fyre’s expression changed indicating that he does know about his sister’s current situation.

Meanwhile, as his expression changed, Fyre wasn’t able to say anything. One of the reasons why he came to find his sister is because of what he did. He accepted a job from an anonymous person requesting for him to change someone’s background through and through. The client offered a handsome amount of money so he agreed immediately and received the money in advance before he could know whose background he was supposed to change. If he knew that he was supposed to change Veronica Chime’s background he would have disagreed.

Fyre had been in this kind of business ever since he was highschool. It started with just hacking the school’s wifi and then it progressed to hacking someone’s personal social media site and finding information his client would want like, embarrassing photos or videos, number, address or even bank account numbers. During highschool there were a lot of his classmates who paid him to do this kind of thing. It was easy money until eventually the requests became harder and harder but at the same time he was becoming better and better at what he did.

He had never been caught. His ability slowly spread and one day one client came to him and asked him to hack and steal from a bank. He had never done something so risky, he was not a thief but then offered with money that he needed at that time. He accepted the task, he was nervous but he was confident with his talent. He was young and did something a criminal would do but he didn’t regret what he did because it was to help his parents to save their little land.

That little land was owned by the Long household for three generations but they had to loan money from the bank so they could send their father to the hospital and to finance his medication. Medication was pretty expensive and they weren’t able to pay back the money they loaned from the bank. The bank was supposed to take the land, if that happened they won’t be able to have a place to live and they won’t be able to plant crops to sell at the wet market.

He had no choice, he wanted to be helpful. They asked many people for help, Remi even asked Veronica to lend her money but being that time Veronica was just a side-character  and wasn’t famous she wasn’t able to help.

That time Fyre realized he didn’t need to go to school, he was determined to just use his talent to help his family get out of poverty so he left with the little money he had saved from hacking. And now, he had done many worse things than stealing from a bank. He even worked with drug lords and criminals if they had the money to pay. He didn’t care as long as they gave him money.

When he received the name of the person he needed to change the name. Fyre was taken aback, he had been in this business for more than 5 years and he knew who was dangerous or not. And to think Veronica who was his sister’s friend and current employer was involved with dangerous people he didn’t want to be involved and somehow implicate his sister. He wanted to decline and give the money back but just as he thought he was threatened.

He had no choice but to do the request. It was weeks later after he completely changed Veronica Chime’s background that he realized that the actress was targeting the Mo Household and had someone strong backing her. Actually he was slightly happy at first because that would mean that bastard Mo Tian Zi would be schemed by that vicious Veronica Chime but while in the dark being a bystander he realized Remi’s life was slowly pulled into a dangerous situation.

And to think that Mo Tian Zi bastard was the one who saved his sister while he was looking really attacked his ego.

“I-I can protect Remi,” Fyre replied but he didn’t sound confident enough that Jonathan quickly noticed it.

“And how?” Jonathan provoked. He didn’t know Fyre Long's capability aside from what Remi had said but it was worth a try. He was confident nothing was safer than hiding in the shadows of the Mos. Actually, even he was hiding from his father and he was sure he won’t be found when Tian Zi is helping him.

“I-I’ll find a way,” Stuttered again. He wasn’t expecting Jonathan would be so sly as well as to even find his weakness. Even he was threatened even though he didn’t know who his client was as their transaction had been anonymous. That’s always the case in his line of work, his clients always wanted to stay anonymous however unlike his other clients who he could track down easily, this one was quite professional.He couldn’t find a single trace of them aside from knowing who Veronica Chime was.

“Find a way? Hmmm, okay, let’s say that you did find a way. How will you explain this to your sister?” Jonathan said again, crossing his arm on top of each other. Fyre wasn’t able to say anything. He came unprepared. Although Remi knew he had been doing illegal stuff to send money to their parents, she didn’t know how dangerous his clients had been until now. If she knew he was the one who changed Veronica Chime's background he was sure she would get mad and heartbroken.

Not saying anything, Fyre remained silent deep in his thoughts. Jonathan took this as an opportunity as he walked towards the door. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect your sister. If you don’t trust me, you can stay here and see for yourself. My only request was to keep my identity for the time being,” Jonathan said before twisting the doorknob open.

“Oh but if you still insist on telling her, I could still ask her forgiveness. It’s not really a loss for me, you’ll only make things quicker for our relationship to progress, and maybe I can finally take her virginity as we make up. I’ll be looking forward to it,” Jonathan said again with his arrogant smile before closing the door as he stepped out of the library leaving Fyre dumbfounded.

“That fucking bastard!”

* * *

To be Continued...