WARNING: This Chapter happened between Chapters 152-154 where Hanlu finally announced his marriage to Ian in public and to the whole family later at Daniel’s hospital room.

* * *

Silently walking inside Daniel’s Hospital room, Tian Zi headed straight to the only single chair available without minding the other people who were already in the room. It may be a little rude of him but everyone in the family is already used to his attitude and he was never the type to adjust for others. Besides he didn’t really want to come today, he would rather want to work on his task quickly or play computer games since he hasn’t been lately due to his busy schedule. If he had free time, he spends it sleeping or working out but because the couple insisted that everybody should gather today, he had no choice. He can’t possibly defy his Eldest Brother and Mother.

“Laotian, how do you think people will take this?” While silently minding his own business, Tian Zi heard Daniel asked Laotian as he looked at the TV which currently showing a live broadcast of Mo Hanlu’s press conference in address to his recent cheating scandal with his supposed fiancé, Veronica Chime, and a third party who has yet to be known in public. The press conference hasn’t started yet so the truth hasn’t been revealed yet. Daniel doesn’t know anything about what will be revealed today but at this moment that wasn’t the case.

Tian Zi had his mouth open in disbelief, his supposed to be domineering Older brother, the chairman of the impenetrable Mo Empire, the powerhouse of the Mo Family, and the wealthiest man in the country was now patiently taking out and peeling grape skin to feed his beloved wife. If he’s not seeing it now, he wouldn’t have believed it if someone told him. It was simply unimaginable.

“They wouldn’t expect it,” Laotian monotonically replied and later fed Daniel another grape before starting to peel another one.

It took a couple of seconds before he recovered from his shock but when he did Tian Zi soon decided to ignore the two lovebirds. Why was he even surprised? At this point, he should have been used to it since the two had always been affectionate with each other. At home, Daniel could be sitting on his older brother’s lap and no one would condemn them for it. They could be making out at the foyer and no one would see it bad.

“Hmmm, that’s true. I wonder what Veronica would say after this? I hope this press conference ends well,” Daniel mumbled, he sounded nervous even though there was really nothing to be nervous about or worry about. But for someone who didn’t know anything, Tian Zi understood Daniel’s concern.

Signing as he decided to look at the TV screen, on cue the press conference was about to start. “Oh, I think it’s about to start,” Tian Zi chanted, making everyone become silent as they focus their attention on the screen. Meanwhile, knowing what will happen, he chose to busy himself with his mobile phone and play games for the time being. He didn’t hear anything from then on but he could still hear the occasional gasping emanated in the room as soon as Hanlu on the TV screen revealed the truth and then a minute passed, the room started to get noisy.

“Hmmm, we can arrange another wedding if all of this is settled.” Tian Zi heard his father say, instantly making him frown as he exited his game and opened the message he just received. ‘Here we go talking about weddings again. Why are these two so obsessed with weddings and grandchildren?’ he thought while sighing, focusing on the conversation he was hearing. Although he understood that his Older Brother Hanlu was at the age where he should get married, that's totally his choice. Even if they didn’t force Hanlu back then with blind dates and setups, he would eventually get married since he had gotten Ian pregnant long ago.

[I have someone you might want to add to your team… Come visit right away,] Tian Zi read the message coming from Jonathan. He was about to reply when suddenly his mother, Laura Mo, called his name.

“I would still be different… Xiao Zi, don’t you dare marry without us knowing. You have to tell us,” Laura said, making Tian Zi choke on his saliva. Marry? Him? He had no plan or whatsoever to marry in his life. He didn’t plan to become an obsessive idiot following their partner’s tail wherever they go. He didn’t plan to make his whole life revolve around one person and then go miserable when they disappear. Just thinking about it made him grimace.

“Don’t joke around, Mother! I’m never planning to marry... and you can’t force me. Eldest Brother Laotian and Older Brother Hanlu will give you lots of grandchildren so don’t ask me to give you one as well.” He quickly said causing Laura to frown in displeasure. ‘I’m never going to plant my seed in any field. Even if I had to die virgin,’ Tian Zi thought. And if one day he finds himself in a situation like his Eldest Brother where he was dragged just so he could hook up, he’ll definitely hold himself better. And if not he will also try his best not to fall. He’s never going to eat his words.

People might say he’s stubborn, that he wasn’t thinking straight or that he’s saying this because he’s still too young to understand but he truly believed a man didn't need a woman or Omega to survive. Back then both his older brothers were so cool and fine without a wife but the moment they fell in love it’s as if they’ve fallen out of grace. There were times when he still finds both his brothers like they used to, but most of the time they’ve been so obsessed with their partners, a lovesick individual that would fall once their partners’ disappears.

Seeing them both, Tian Zi couldn’t stop thinking both his brothers had lost against their nature and it was his mission to do a better job. He is their predecessor and his heart should be stronger and not fall into destruction.

“You unfilial child! Your father and I will soon leave this world so you better let us see at least one grandchild from you,” Laura nagged, making Tian Zi roll his eyes. ‘Arg, here we go again! Why do they like children so much?’ He thought and didn’t bother listening to his mother’s nags again and just focused his attention on his phone and texted back his friend without thinking much.

[Yeah sure, I’m going to check him out. I’ll come by later,] Tian Zi texted but his mind was still on his earlier question. Why do his parents so obsessed with children? He understands that in their family tree there were not many children and will be lucky enough to have two in each generation. In their family tree, only their generation was lucky enough to have a third son. He was a miracle third baby that no one had expected. Some of their long-distance relatives considered him as the curse breaker, some even doubt whether he was really a Mo. But of course, no one could deny the blood that was flowing in his veins.

Curse this or curse that, Tian Zi didn’t care. It’s just an old superstitious belief passed down in their family anyway. Having two children was more than enough. Additionally, despite the curse that they’re saying, men were always born in the Mo family so the surname Mo never disappeared despite only having two children. What does this curse actually even do? Aside from no women born in the family and children is limited to two, it didn’t really bring destruction in their family.

And that aside, his eldest brother Laotian was already expecting their second and third child, his Elder brother Hanlu already had one but planned to have another. Why does he have to provide more? There was no curse any more. If it’s children they want then why not just ask Daniel to bear 5 kids, he’s young and very fertile. There was no doubt he could do it so he didn’t need to be scolded again because of this.

“Honey, I’m sure Xiao Zi will also find the love of his life in the future just like his older brothers. We don’t need to rush him or we’ll only further make him despite the idea,” Mo Chendong said and held Laura’s arm. They’ve been doing their best to set up both Laotian and Hanlu but none of that worked however in the end they still married without a problem. And so now for Tian Zi, they could use another strategy. They should just let Tian Zi do whatever he wants for now and surely someday he’ll find the person right for him. But of course, as Tian Zi heard his father, his slightly shook his head left and right

‘As if! I’ll never give you what you want,’ he thought again. Alas, faith was really playful. He’ll soon find himself standing in front of his first ordeal.

* * *

To be Continued…