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Last Exam Paper and Next Steps

Jan 29, 2023

So as I announced on YouTube, I won't be recording any more exam paper walk-throughs. I did them as a trial to see how they'd go, and although they went alright, I didn't enjoy doing them, particularly with the amount of time it took to create them.

Therefore, the last one will be recorded and released shortly, it's the Paper 3. I've gone through the paper now, and just need to sit down and record it.

The 2 sets of videos to be released next will be:

  • Newton-Raphson method (3 videos planned)

  • TikTok / YouTube shorts - Revision videos (around 10 being planned)

I will be planning some more A-Level revision videos afterwards, but this covers the next 2-4 months for now. I have an incredibly busy year this year, so I won't be able to produce as many videos as I'd like, but at least some will be steadily released.

For now, stay safe and healthy, and I'll see you in the next video!

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