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100 Useful Phrases Lesson Sheets + Audios

Jan 30, 2022

100 Useful Thai Phrases for Beginners


(A4 Sheets Digital Files for Download)


This listing contains 3 sets of sheets + audio files.

Set 1 : 100 Phrases with drafting

Set 2 : The phrases from 'set 1 lesson' with pronunciation

Set 3 : The phrases from 'set 1 lesson' with each word/phrase meaning

Set 4 : Audio files

All together you will learn

- 100 common used Thai phrases

- The pronunciation of each phrase and word-by-word meaning (and then combine into a phrase)

- Practice repeatedly writing down the phrases to memorize


The digital files can be printed on A4 paper size beautifully.

The actual download files don't contain the watermark.


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