Expats In Italy

Apr 04, 2021

Are you wondering about the expat life in Italy? Are you thinking about moving to Italy? Are you already in Italy, and searching for making the ends meet?

Do you want to know the cost of living in Italy?

Well, I can understand because I have exactly been there & done that.

Before my relocation to Italy, I too have been looking for information related to the visa, accommodation, income, expense, benefits, etc but was never able to get the right information. At some point, it did make me go frustrated. That was when I decided to consolidate my experience, and come up with articles to help others.

Now, it is almost 8 years in Italy. I have done detailed research about the various aspects and life of a foreigner in Italy. The pros and cons of expatriate life in Italy. So, go ahead, and enjoy the fruits of all this research and the first-hand experience of mine.

Read all the articles free at https://www.letstravelliamo.com/living-in-italy/

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