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January 2021, Messages for Air Signs

January 2021, Messages for Air Signs

Jan 08, 2021

Sun, Moon and Rising ♥

Take what resonates and leave what doesn't <3

  1. You're going to learn some things this month (like in all the others lmao) but I feel like this one will have a life lesson. If major things happen this month to you, these are results of your past acts. Maybe you treated some people wrong or you have been someone's shoulder to cry on. How you treated others will be how you're going to be treated now. I also see some of you need to humble yourselves. Heal past relationships if you were in the wrong.

  2. You might want to act towards something without having a clue what it involves. Retreat and think before you dive in. This might be something addictive that tempts you. Be in control and don't let these control you.

  3. I know some might have a bad environment. To change that, invite peace in yourself in order for it to be around you too.

  4. Don't ignore your intuition in the situation you are in. Most likely you are right. Observe how it unfolds.

  5. Most importantly, I see some are blocked in their path. Look deeper into this situation. Your guides are with you and this is not an ending, it's to test how adaptable you are. Find another path.

  6. Someone is missing you, most likely past lover. They're wondering if they will fade from your memory, will you move on? They want you to hear their point of view too.

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