Hi there people, Lewd Rider Ero here. My next translation will be GF Becomes SexCare Manager of Baseball Club Cucked In Sportsmen's Sex. https://vndb.org/v22242

I usually make a pool to choose my next translation but since my community got kinda killed thanks to the previous events and I want to make a better work with my next translation, I decided to pick one that I've been wanting to translate for a long while.

I took a lot of time with Yukie's game not only because it was a long game and a lot of stuff happened, but also because I got kinda bored of it along the way since the MC was boring. Of course, I should be able to make good translations even if I don't fully like what I'm doing, but I'm not good enough for that just yet. That said, during Yukie's game I also got into the world of translating doujins and while trying to survive there I got a few new skills that I can use on my VN translations.

So, for this next translation, I'll try to upgrade my writing style so that the characters feel more alive and proofread as much as I can to avoid silly mistakes. Also, I'll translate better the sound effects and make better consistency in the writing style along the whole VN. With this Vn I'll try to fix my previous mistakes and do everything as best as I can.

This Vn is still pretty long and I'll still translate dounjins every now and then so I can't give a release date just yet. That said, thanks for your support, and look forward to this translation, I'll post the intro with the prologue and a few scenes as soon as I can.