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As a designer, I focus on three things: branding, surface pattern design and creating relaxing ambience videos. 

I've always said creativity is my therapy. If I'm not creating, I'm either sick, attending to Mama duties to my three children, or asleep! 

Branding — Leysa Flores Design

I'm a designer and owner of Leysa Flores Design. I create thoughtful design for ambitious brands — branding, and websites, too.

Surface Pattern Design

I also create beautiful patterns for surfaces — think fabrics, phone cases, wallpaper, home decor, stationery, and more. That's over here (the website is in progress, in the meantime, you can follow along on Instagram, or visit me on Spoonflower or Creative Market). I'm inspired by organic, fluid textures inspired by nature and warmly welcome licensing and commission enquiries

Ambience videos — Balmy Cove

I also love to create ambience videos, using 3D software, After Effects animations, sound design and video editing. My YouTube channel is called Balmy Cove.

I'm passionate about the benefits of ambience for relaxation and mental wellbeing. I feel that no matter what is going on in your life, you will always have these special places to hide in. 

Fun facts: I'm married to an organist, have two cats, and love period dramas.

Inspiration: I’m inspired by the juxtaposition of quiet minimalism set against the wildness and unpredictability of the elements, just like the calm before a storm. I source my inspiration from stormy skies, natural textures, beautiful ambient soundscapes, slow period dramas, memories of my travel in the Middle East, classic literature and history.

Why I would LOVE someone to buy me a coffee

I do all of this with three young daughters — one with prominent special needs. So, life's chaotic, and beautiful, and I run on caffeine. 

If you'd like to support my work, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you for your support. It really motivates me and means so much to me. 
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