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I create high quality motorcycle travel videos that entertain and educate. I also create vintage car and tractor videos. Join me for the ride.

Welcome to my BMC page.

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Someone bought 5 coffees.

Thanks to you my route planning is made easy. Pod from Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks David.  I left you a lengthy reply to your comment on my YouTube Channel.  Thanks so much,  Robert

Someone bought 5 coffees.

I enjoy and appreciate what you do. I wish you a happy and blessed New Year. Paul from Texas

Hey thanks a lot Paul!  I certainly wish I was in Texas this time of the year where I could still do some riding instead of snowy British Columbia!

Ronald E Bergman
Ronald E Bergman bought a coffee.

Great videos.  I have been riding since the early 60s.  I have kept track of where I put gas on since 1982.  Forty one states.  I could send you a copy of the map if you would be interested.

Hello Ronald.  Thanks for the support here, and for commenting on my channel.  Yes I would be interested in a copy of the map, and I might want to share it on my Facebook page "Dry Rock Studios" if that would be alright?  You can email it to me at [email protected]

Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell bought 10 coffees.

Lets see if Paypal works. Keep those beautiful videos coming. I am learning video editing myself and it is quite difficult, as I too put up youtube videos (although truly amateur compared to yours)

OK!  PayPal works, thanks for spurring me on to enable it here, and for being the first to use it in such a generous way.  I am putting this directly toward some new music from a southern blues band!

Excellent !

Brian Morgan
Brian Morgan bought a coffee.

Can't find a video from Quesnel to Wells,B.C

Hello Brian.  Thanks for your support, it is much appreciated. I have rode the Barkerville Highway a few times and never been satisfied with the weather that I filmed it in until late this last summer, so you can expect a video of it sometime this winter! Thanks again.