A bit flattered and a bit angry.

A lot of time, work, and skill goes into the creation of each of my videos. I either create my own content, or obtain a license to use content that isn't my own, which is the music and the sound effects that I did not create myself. It is morally right, as well as legally right to respect the effort of others that create intellectual property. The artists have invested their time and skills to create an intangible property. I take pride in acknowledging that effort on their part, and I take pride in that they would grant me rights to their work to use in my work. And then I get a notice from time to time from YouTube that someone just helped themselves to my efforts, and are using my videos as their own. So much for respect and acknowledgement.

Special thanks to Sean Ashby Music, Paul Black, and The Chitlins for their granting licenses to me to use their music.