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Hi!  I'm Mandy, the owner and creator at the Lime Green Sewing Room!  I make and sell handcrafted items, primarily through my Etsy shop.  My main focus is on bags: zipper bags, clutches, wallets, handbags, shoulder bags, tote bags, etc.  

When I'm not sewing, I'm hanging out with my husband, trying to keep my toddler and two cats out of my sewing stuff, playing WoW, and working the occasional shift at my local dancewear shop.

I created this page as a way to allow my friends & family to support my small business.  If you "buy me a fat quarter", your contribution will help me to cover some of the up front costs related to making.  It will help me buy the supplies I need to continue creating new things.  It will help me to buy new patterns as they come out, to vary my offerings.  It will help me to buy tools (and maintain the tools I already have), which will allow me to customize my works and give them a more polished finish.  

If you'd like to support by actually buying one of my finished products, you can do so at my Etsy shop!


What is a fat quarter?  Fabric is frequently sold by-the yard, where you receive a piece that is the full width of the fabric, but whatever length you need.  In terms of quilting fabric, a full yard is normally around 42x36 inches.  When you buy a quarter of a yard at a fabric store, you would get a piece that was 42x9 inches - a skinny quarter of the yard.  Many places opt to sell "fat quarters" pre-cut pieces instead.  These pieces are 21x18 inches.  It's still a quarter of a yard in square inches, but it's cut the "fat" way rather than the skinny way.

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