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New Fic Out

New Fic Out

Mar 13, 2020

Title: Geata Rionnag SG-1
Rating: Teen & Up
Chapters: 1/6
WC: ~2.5k (For Now)
Tags: Stiles Stilinski/Original Female Character(s), Vernon Boyd & Erica Reyes & Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey & Stiles Stilinski, Alternate Universe - Stargate Fusion, Celtic Mythology & Folklore, Derek and Peter Aren’t Related, Mentioned Kate Argent/Derek Hale, Pagan Gods, Genius Stiles Stilinski, Possibly Pre-Slash, Slavery, Polyglot Derek Hale, Polyglot Stiles Stilinski, References to Norse Religion & Lore, Episode: s01e01-02 Children of the Gods, Gaelic Language

Summary: A year and a half ago, Stiles Stilinski chose to stay behind on an alien planet while the rest of his team returned home through the Stargate, with promises to never return. Now, they’re back, and they want his help. When his wife and sister-in-law are taken by a Goa'uld posing as a Goddess, he must try and get them back before their minds are stolen in order to make them slaves to The Huntress.

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