Chapter 1 - The New Roommate

Every year the coach of the Central Cannons organized a practice match against one of the regional representative teams. Jay had found out on the bus ride to the hotel that he was rooming with Nathan and he was excited about the idea. Being new to this football team, Jay didn’t know too many of the players, but he had already chosen the ones he’d like to get to know a little better. Nathan was tall and slim but had the kind of broad shoulders that Jay had always admired. He had mousy brown hair and deep, dark brown eyes that Jay often caught himself staring into when they talked. He hoped Nathan hadn’t noticed as well. Jay was yet to determine whether his deeper interest in some of his teammates would be accepted as willingly as during his other recent sporting ventures. He had started work on gradually obtaining that information. Seeing as Nathan was one of the best looking guys on the team, Jay had decided that this trip was a good place to start the next stage of his investigation. 

Although he was clearly popular, Nathan was one of the quieter members of the team. Jay had often noticed the team captain Brendan, with all of his brashness and bravado, taking centre stage, while Nathan placed himself a step behind, enjoying the entertaining nature of his best friend. Jay wondered what Nathan would be like without such a strong personality in front of him.

The team got off the bus and collected their bags. Jay saw Nathan standing with Brendan, the two best friends talking as always. Jay picked up his bag and, armed with the room key, headed into the accommodation building. 

Nathan was sitting with his best friend Brendan in another section of the bus when the rooms were announced. Despite a small pang of disappointment, Nathan didn’t really mind the change. Jay was a nice guy and they got along pretty well. Although Jay was shorter than him, Nathan had noticed that he was definitely more muscular and when they’d chatted Nathan had noticed the intensity of Jay’s striking blue eyes. Sharing a room on this footy tour wouldn’t be too big of a deal. But Nathan had to admit to himself that it wasn’t what he had been hoping for this weekend.

The problem Nathan had with this new set up was that he’d assumed he was going to be sharing with Brendan, his best mate. They had shared a room for the last three road trips and had some pretty handy ground rules set up. They’d stretched a few boundaries as well. 

Nathan was reluctant to separate from his best friend once they were off the bus. He knew that rooming with Brendan was guaranteed to be a comfortable and fun weekend, especially considering their last trip. Jay was an unknown quantity for Nathan. Rumours had spread about his prowess with the ladies in the short time he had been in town and Nathan was sure it was unlikely that the same level of comfort would be achieved. He turned and saw Jay heading into a room and decided to bite the bullet and get to know his companion for the weekend. 

Jay walked up the hall, scanning the doors for number 14. He had been on trips for football matches before. It had been in a budget hotel just like this where his last football team had found out that Jay was interested in more than just the sport. It had been awkward at first when the team captain had walked in on Jay relieving his desperately horny roommate, but it wasn’t long before he had a text from the captain to let Jay know that his roommate would be out for an hour. Jay knew exactly what that meant and was on his knees in the other room within minutes. 

That was the start of a great arrangement with that team and one he hoped might be able to continue. But Jay was prepared to make a slow start this time. It had been clear from the start that this team was full of horny guys, but it was also clear that the basketball team that shared their field and club rooms was the target of most of that attention. Jay had played along, making enough female conquests to throw his teammates off the scent but there weren’t any basketballers on this trip so this was a chance to see if he could work his magic. 

Nathan entered the room and saw Jay on his hands and knees between the two beds, sliding his case underneath the one which he had already claimed. 

“Hey Nathan, how you doing?” Jay looked up and smiled. 

“Great man. Always love these trips,” Nathan slung his bag onto the bed and sat down. “Bus trip takes it out of me though.”

  “Yeah, I know what you mean. I usually try to unpack first, grab a shower and then get some fresh air to perk myself up a bit. Maybe go for a run.”

“Good idea. I’ll either shower first or have a bit of a nap.”

The boys both looked towards the bathroom. It wasn’t awfully big. Not one that could be shared, which Nathan was OK with, he’d have some privacy. He knew that Jay was a bit of a ladies man and didn’t expect he’d be able to have some of the fun that he had experienced with Brendan. 

The boys were silent for a little while. Jay had unpacked and arranged his things the way he liked them. Nathan’s only movement had been from a sitting position to lying flat on his back on the bed. 

“Well,” Jay said, breaking the awkwardness, “I’m going to have that shower now. Enjoy your nap mate.”

Jay grabbed his towel and headed into the bathroom.

As soon as Jay had closed the door Nathan opened his suitcase. He had been worried about unpacking his own bag in front of Jay considering he had packed specifically for Brendan’s company. The masturbation sleeve he had bought to try out with Brendan lay on top of his clothes. He unzipped the back pocket and reluctantly slid the sleeve inside, disappointed that he wouldn’t be using it this trip.  

He removed the rest of his clothes and lay back on the bed, wondering if Jay would be in the shower long enough for him to quickly christen it. It was one of Nathan’s traditions when travelling that the first thing he did in a new room was to blow a load on the new sheets. He stripped naked, put on his new jockstrap and lay back. Before covering himself up with the flimsy hotel blanket he admired how the jock held his bulging cock and low hanging balls. Brendan had talked him into buying a smaller size, knowing that he’d enjoy the look of the pouch straining over his endowment. His hands began to roam his body as he slid under the covers. He occasionally interrupted himself with a deep yawn. The bus ride was the worst and most exhausting part of the trip. 

It didn’t take long for Nathan’s penis to reach its full length and considerable girth. It had been a week since he’d last blown a load; he’d been saving it for the possibilities of a weekend of experimenting with Brendan. He wasn’t keen to sleep just yet and hoped that his arousal might stave off the drowsiness he felt. Now that he was the roommate fun was likely off the table he knew he’d need to release sooner rather than later. He slipped his dick out of the side of his jock and began rubbing vigorously.

Nathan got quickly swept up in the sensations caused by the rubbing under the blankets. He relaxed and his eyes closed. He could feel himself edging closer to sleep but the combination of Nathan’s extreme horniness and exhaustion enhanced the feelings in a strange, almost out-of-body way. He started breathing more deeply and heavily. As usual, as his breathing and heart rate increased so did his body temperature. He flung the blanket off his body, leaving his almost naked body and 7-inch cock free and exposed. The feeling was quickly overtaking him and he could feel himself getting closer to orgasm. 

Just as he thought he might stain his new jock with his load he felt a hand slide up the inside of his leg towards his balls. He hadn’t heard the door open, or anyone sneak into the room. Could this be…?

Just as he was about to pry his exhausted eyes open, his thoughts were interrupted by the wetness of a slick tongue sliding over his balls as the mysterious hand swept up his cock. Although he flinched at first, the shock of the contact quickly wore off and the pleasure of this unexpected intervention took over and he relaxed back into his pillow. The mystery tongue traced its way from his swollen balls up his thick shaft as his hand fell away. He relaxed and let his cock be enveloped by the soft, wet lips and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he couldn’t hold off any longer.

His body tensed and he knew that this was it. Nathan’s ass muscles clenched and his balls tightened. He groaned deeply as he hit that well-known point of no return. He felt his cum working its way up his long shaft as the expert mouth continued to work his cock and showed no signs of stopping. Nathan let out a deep, involuntary moan as the first shot fired from his cock. Each shot of cum was lapped up eagerly and his cock was worked expertly for the next shot. 

After firing 6 big shots Nathan relaxed and let his dick be licked clean. He lay back, relaxed and satisfied, and fell almost instantly asleep.  


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