I recently launched The Bator Life podcast. I'll be posting some of the discussions from that podcast as blog posts here. So here's the introduction to the podcast.

Hello and welcome to the Bator Life podcast. I’m glad you could make it and well done on finding us. 

I’m your host Liam and if you’ve clicked onto listen to this podcast I hope you’re aware of what the title means or the next couple of minutes may shock you. Now I will admit as much as this podcast is titled ‘the proud bator’ I am not using my full real name. I’m still keeping a little bit of distance and discretion. So if by some freak coincidence you recognise my voice don’t give me away. But do get in touch. I’d love to know if someone I know in real life is as much of a bator as I am. 

This podcast, as the title hopefully suggests, is about masturbation. My favourite activity, the lucky pastime of all of us. This series will focus on male masturbation. One of my favourite topics. 

So a bit about me. I’m a guy in my mid-30s from Australia. I identify as gay and masturbation is my favourite hobby. I also write gay erotic fiction in my spare time. 

I’ve been working over the last few years to embrace my love of this basic pleasure. I’ve put myself out there a little bit more as a proud bator. I’ve even created online spaces where other proud bators can connect and discuss and enjoy their favourite activity. 

It’s now at the point where I’ve decided a podcast is the next step. It’s May, which is often known as Masturbation Month. So I’m launching the series now. But it won’t be a one-off. It’ll be an ongoing series. 

Throughout this series, we’ll cover a number of different topics around masturbation. I’ll include some of the stories of my own solo adventures. My opinions on the topic and some of the issues around it. The Facebook page and Twitter account will be open to discuss these topics, so there’ll be chances for listeners to contribute. There’ll also hopefully some guests to further the discussion. 

We’re living in the 21st Century. In my life so far I have seen a lot of social progress in various arenas around sex and sexuality. However, it seems that the views around masturbation have a little catching up to do. So here’s a space for everyone to be proud of their enjoyment of their solo pleasures. A space where we as guys can embrace their pleasure. 

So this is it. The Bator Life podcast. Follow along on Facebook and Twitter, search for Bator Life, and connect with me there to further the discussion. 

Find The Bator Life on Google Podcasts and iHeartRadio podcasts. More platforms coming soon. Those platforms cost $ so if you're keen to hear more of The Bator Life click the appropriate $ buttons here.