So. I finally did it. I took the time to learn about light, shadow and colour theory. How ambient light bounces around and changes its colour whenever it hits a surface. And I finally tried to actually apply that knowledge in one of my drawings - first on a normal layer, no fancy layer styles and blending modes (bye multiply *sob*), just a normal layer and my knowledge about colour. Then of course I tried to shade on different layer styles as well. While experimenting with them I got a few interesting results, such as the sunset, but I think my favourite would be number 3 - multiply and luminosity/shine.

Now, I could just have drawn a sphere on grass to practise this. But I opted for Liszt on a ship instead because I approach art the same way I approach music.


I can play a total of four bars of Liszt. I haven't practised in months.


Should I change my approach? Maybe.

Will I change my approach? Fuck no.