Mailchimp, converkit and Buy Me a Coffee

Well, the answer is yes and no!

‌‌Convertkit and Mailchimp are popular email marketing platforms and depending on the plan, they can offer you an array of features. These platforms can help you create, send and automate your email communication to your audience. ‌‌While this all sounds great...more features aren't always better. You may need to dish out more money for premium plans on both Convertkit and Mailchimp. ‌‌Why pay for more than what you need? That’s like paying for an entire cake when you just really wanted one slice. ‌‌‌‌You may be surprised to learn that Buy Me a Coffee (here on BMC in this article) can also allow you to send emails and updates to your supporters. The biggest difference is that we allow you to email your supporters for FREE.

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Publishing features are 100% free on Buy Me a Coffee, and creators can email their supporters as much as they want. We may not have ALL the features these other platforms have, but our emails are simple, beautiful, and easy to use. We know you're busy, but with BMC it’s never been easier to get support and stay connected to your audience. ‌‌‌‌Why Buy Me a Coffee beats Mailchimp and Convertkit any day of the week. ‌‌Buy Me a Coffee is an awesome way to engage with your audience without the hassle, especially compared to other complicated email marketing platforms. ‌‌

One Hub to Connect with Your Fans

Who needs 20 different websites to get things done? Streamline your supporter communication on our platform. You already have a bajillion things on your mind, why overcomplicate things ;) ‌‌The messaging features on BMC are simple and easy to use. It can be a solid option if you have a small audience and don’t want to add another platform to the mix. With everything in one place, you can easily interact with your supporters from a single hub.‌‌

No Technical Skills Required

Another benefit is you don’t require any technical skills or design skills to create an email on BMC. This can often leave some creators frustrated. BMC can save you time and limit any stress by allowing you to focus on creating!‌‌Although, Convertkit and Mailchimp are considered drag and drop platforms, sometimes the code can act up and your email may require some coding skills to fix the layout or design.‌‌

An Opportunity to Build Your Email List

If you’re still trying to build your email list, don’t fret! BMC is not only a way to communicate with your fans it always offers genius ways to attract more people. Creators can giveaway Extras to incentivize to join their email list people. Your fans can trading their email for access to a piece of content for $0. ‌‌

Drive Other Types of Traffic

Unlike Convertkit and Mailchimp, our platform provides you with a beautiful (and SEO optimized) posts page. This will also help you drive traffic to your page, so more people see your amazing content. Regularly posting on this page allows you to showcase what you’re offering to fans.‌‌How does BMC help you keep your supporters engaged‌‌. The bottom line is email marketing is a must for nurturing your relationship with your biggest fans. And a fantastic way to strengthen your relationship with your fans is to regularly send them newsletters and updates.‌‌Emails can deliver your messages directly to your audience’s inbox everyday - we know people are addicted to checking their emails, maybe even more than their morning coffee (but we’ll continue to ponder that one).‌‌When they receive your email in your inbox it’s a delightful and gentle reminder about you - their favourite creator. ‌‌

Whether you’d like to keep them updated on what you’re up to or even promote your products, services, or content, feel free to get creative with the types of emails you send to keep your audience engaged and always looking forward to your next email. ‌‌Have a wicked project you want to share with your supporters? Include it in your newsletter and keep them in the loop on what you’re up to. Your newsletter can also get them excited about the new content you have in store for them. ‌‌

So, which platform is right for you?‌‌

With so many email platforms available it can be overwhelming to choose the right one to help you grow your audience and stay connected to each person in a meaningful way. ‌‌The truth is: not all platforms are created equal. It’s important to understand which ones are the best-fit for your audience. ‌‌It all depends on your needs as a creator. For those regularly engaging ginormous audiences perhaps the complex features that Convertkit and Mailchimp have make these platforms the appropriate choice. ‌‌If you have a massive email list that you need to segment, desire advanced design capabilities, and want access to analytics, then choose a specially designed email platform.  ‌‌

Just be sure you try BMC’s email feature first before spending money on a new platform, you may be surprised by the capabilities. ‌‌For some creators, BMC’s platform may be the perfect choice for communicating their latest update or project to their supporters. This no fluff tool can give you exactly what you need as far as a simple way to deliver a tailored message to each member of your audience.  ‌‌As a creator, the more personal your communication is the better! Don’t alienate your supporters by sending impersonal emails. Your messaging needs to be a branded extension of you, so opt for a platform that will make you seem approachable, friendly and easy to connect with. This is where BMC shines (humble brag). ‌‌BMC’s messaging features give you a way to speak directly to your supporters. These fans are strictly yours and you hold complete ownership of your list - so you’ll never have to worry about BMC ever emailing your supporters on your behalf. Feel free to export your list anytime!

‌‌BMC can’t do exactly what Mailchimp and Convertkit do, but if you’re a creator who doesn’t need a bunch of complicated features then BMC’s messaging platform can be an effective way to deliver personalized messages to your biggest fans. ‌‌