As an online creator or artist, you invest a lot of time and effort to make high-quality content - whether it be YouTube videos, personal blog posts, podcasts, or other online projects.

You deserve to be recognized, and the best way to accept support from your community is through including a donate button from Buy Me a Coffee (BMC) on your website or social profiles.

The concept is simple: if somebody loves the content you create, they can “buy you a coffee” with predetermined donation amounts. It only takes a couple of minutes to create an account and implement the button.

Below, you’ll learn just how easy a donate button can help you increase earnings and build a stronger rapport with your fans.

What Is A Donate Button?

The Buy Me a Coffee donate button is a button that you can include on a website or content creator platforms like Twitch and YouTube leading to a BMC page, where supporters can give you tips or donations.

Adding a donate button is a great way for creators like YouTubers, streamers, and artists to encourage giving from people who are already engaged with the content, as they will feel more compelled to donate.

What if there was a way to build a community while you accepted donations? What if you could use that platform to accept donations right from your own website? What if it also allowed you to offer little perks to your subscribers, like a private Discord for just your fans? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I’m going to cut the suspense right here - Buy Me a Coffee is that platform, and we’re here to help you make some bigger moves and get support from your community in a way that feels friendlier and more inclusive.

Who Can Benefit from a Donate Button?

The Buy Me a Coffee donate button is a way to empower creators who want to make a living out of direct interactions with their supporters. Here are some of the people who use our donate button:

  • Online content creators. Whether you are passionate about producing music, podcasts, ebooks, YouTube videos, or any other type of online content, you can use Buy Me a Coffee to create an action donate button that allows you to accept support and monthly membership payments from your fans in a matter of minutes. In fact, many creators are earning a 6-figure income with Buy Me a Coffee! Examples: Thought Spiral, Robin Wong
  • Bloggers and writers. With Buy Me a Coffee, you can easily add a donation button to your website to help you offset some of the website running costs and build a stronger relationship with your audience. Examples: Sunday Paper, Sharleen Joynt
  • Projects. You can collect PayPal donations in minutes for your software or any other type of project and accept support from your community to help you move your project forward. Examples: Covid Controls,
  • Nonprofits. Finally, if your nonprofit organization relies on community support to keep running, there is no easier way to collect PayPal donations than with Buy Me a Coffee. Examples: CafeTrack, Centre for Excellence in Education

Why Use the Donate Button from Buy Me a Coffee?

Buy Me a Coffee makes supporting fun and easy. Our donate button is different than just accepting donations directly from your stream or channel, we offer a way for you to streamline getting support from your community in a way that feels more intimate and friendly than having your friends and fans go through the standard PayPal, Cash App, Venmo or Twitch.

We offer so much more than those big payment platforms, and creating that value for  your fans makes them want to support you that much more.

Here is why you should give it a try:

  • Easy to set up. Easily add donate buttons to your website, YouTube channel, or Twitch.
  • Stats page metrics. Track your page views, earnings, and supporter count with a comprehensive report.
  • Instant payouts. No 30 days waiting time. Get your money whenever you want.
  • Flexibility. Buy Me a Coffee donations offer you and your audience flexibility - your fans don’t even need to create an account. They can make the payment and leave you a note in just a couple of clicks.
  • More than just a PayPal donation. Buy Me a Coffee is not only about money - it is about providing people with an opportunity to show support and genuine gratitude for all of your hard work.
  • One-time donations. People can leave one-time PayPal donations, and you will receive payments instantly to your PayPal or bank account.
  • Membership subscription. There is also an option to use Buy Me a Coffee for membership subscription payments for your most loyal donors.
  • Use Extras. You can easily sell “Extras” designed with creators in mind - whether it is an ebook, a one-on-one Zoom call, or Art commissions.
  • Keep your earnings. You can keep 95% of your earnings while using Buy Me a Coffee - a powerful, safe, and reliable platform.
  • Send blast emails to your subscribers, and be able to export that email list whenever you want
  • WordPress integrations that allow you to add a donate button on your website to guide your fans on how to best support you.

Plus, that’s not to mention the Buy Me a Coffee mobile app that lets you keep track of your stats and earnings, our upcoming API integrations, or the fact that we curate lists of creators to spotlight and feature constantly to get you more exposure to potential new fans.

Do Donations Still Matter?

Well, let’s answer that question step by step. To do that, I would like to introduce you to Jim.

Now Jim here is an up and coming blogger. His content is pretty good, and he has a small but loyal following, which is getting larger by the day. Which happens to be true for any of the millions of content creators out there.

Bear in mind, that while Jim isn’t real, what he does for a living is true for a lot of people.

Assuming that Jim’s blogs concern critiques or essays on cinema (which happens to be one of the most popular forms of blogging out there), he updates his content every week.

His readership is small when compared to other, popular blogs. Which doesn’t mean he isn’t working hard. On the contrary, Jim spends time and money to make sure that his blogs are well crafted.

There was a time when there was a “Donate’ button generated by Paypal, which used to be embedded somewhere around a content creator’s page. Some less obvious link descriptions like ‘Buy me a beer’ were also used. But its success depended on how popular the creator was.

Now, however, any enterprising creator can make use of new and exciting platforms like Buy Me A Coffee and Patreon. What these platforms do is enable fans of the said creator, or in this case, Jim, to support him by donating small sums of money.

“How does that make any difference?” you may ask. Well, per month, Patreon pays all of its creators almost $6.1 million in total. All of that is from donations, folks. While Patreon uses monthly contributions, sites like Buy Me a Coffee allows you to pay creators using small one-time donations. Each time you support a creator, it counts.

Why Supporters Click On The Donate Button

The primary reason why people contribute to creators is that they are appreciative of their content. A large and loyal fanbase is instrumental in the creator’s success. So how do you put that into context?

Let’s come back and see how Jim is doing. Jim started a page on Buy Me a Coffee, and slowly he has started to receive donations. Like I mentioned before, his content is pretty good. What makes his content so appealing, is that he modifies his blogs by feedback that he has received from his followers. And lets them know that they have helped him.

Gratitude goes a long way in securing loyalty. Which means that the followers of Jim’s content understand that their opinions matter. Which also means his Buy Me a Coffee page receives a shot in the arm.

Offering Incentives To Click On The Donate Button

Appreciation can only take you so far. A content creator has to realise that mere gratitude is not enough for an audience. One has to think creatively to ensure continued involvement of the supporters.

For example, creators could offer incentives.

Who doesn’t love a gift? Everyone does. Everyone I know, anyway. The audience is always drawn to free items, more so than discounted ones. Scientific fact, by the way.

Make them compete for the incentives. Let me give an example.

Jim has been doing well of late. He’s made some decent money and even has got the attention of some prominent directors who have lauded his blog. So now, he wishes to thank his fans. The way he does it is to be noted. Jim acquires 20 pre-release posters of a new movie which have been personally signed by the director and the top-billed star.

Next, he announces on his social media pages, where there are links to his Buy Me a Coffee page, that he will be giving the posters to 20 of his top donators.

The result?

Jim started receiving double the amount of donations he was getting before this announcement.

How to Easily Add a Donate Button

Buy Me a Coffee allows you to quickly add a donate button to your website, Twitch, YouTube, and Medium. We also have quick guides for integrating our donate button to Wordpress and Discord.

Adding a Donate Button to Your Website

Here is how you can add a Buy Me a Coffee widget or button directly to your website and start receiving money from your donors or supporters:

  1. Log in to your account on Buy Me a Coffee.
  2. Go to your account dashboard.
  3. Click on “Button generator” to create a button. Alternatively, you can also generate buttons from our brand page.
  4. Personalize the widget or button and choose color, text, or font that you like.
  5. Copy the HTML code and insert it:
  • in the head tag of your website for the widget
  • exactly where you need the button to appear for the button

Buy Me a Coffee widget or button will now appear on your website!

Adding a Donate Button to Wordpress

If you have a WordPress site set up for that coding project or whatever you do that makes you tick, we make accepting support from your community super easy! You’ll be able to buy pizza for you and the developer crew in no time flat!

It’s simple. All you need to do is install the Buy Me a Coffee WP Donation Button plugin and take a few minutes to link the plugin to your existing BMC account. Don’t have a Buy Me a Coffee account yet? No problem. That’s really easy too.

From there, you can configure and install a widget or button wherever you want. Icons, buttons, widgets! Just pop one in and easily collect support from your friends, family, or fans. No more waiting on affiliate marketing or display ad checks, no more hassles. It’s that easy.

Payout is simple, too! We can send them directly to a PayPal or Stripe account whenever you’d like, so no need to wait for monthly deposits.

Check out these creators who are using the Buy Me a Coffee WordPress plugin:

  • Neal Agarwal is a self-described creative coder who makes all sorts of neat projects that blur the lines between programming and art. He uses his domain to showcase some games, art apps, and fun bits of internet curio for all of his fans, but he also has a Buy Me a Coffee button at the bottom of his homepage that allows all of his fans to support Neal’s creative powers!
  • is an anonymous and totally free file sharing platform that we love! They’re privacy focused and don’t throttle upload or download speeds, and there’s no max file size capacity. It’s an amazing Google Drive or DropBox. They also use a BMC donate button to get support from their fans for hosting, their developers’ time, and to make some money on such an awesome project.
  • Perhaps the most relevant example we can provide is, a free utility that tracks COVID-19 stats daily and breaks down an overwhelming amount of data into manageable and easily visualized chunks that is helpful for researchers and civilians alike. They dropped a Buy Me a Coffee button on their homepage so that users could support them in their tireless work to spread free and accurate information about the global pandemic.

Adding a Donate Button to Twitch

To add a donate link on Twitch:

  1. Download the Buy Me a Coffee buttons from the brand page.
  2. Click on your Twitch username and choose “Channel”.
  3. Scroll down to “Edit panel” and switch it on.
  4. Click on the large “+” sign, select “Add a Text or Image Panel”, and enter the title of the panel.
  5. Select “Add Image” and upload an image for the button from the folder you have downloaded in Step 1.
  6. Paste your URL from Buy Me a Coffee in the “Image Links To” field.
  7. Type a description if you’d like and click on “Submit”.
  8. Turn the “Edit Panels” switch off.
  9. Buy Me a Coffee button will now appear on your Twitch stream!

Adding a Donate Button to YouTube

To add a Buy Me a Coffee link to your YouTube channel, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your YouTube account and go to your channel homepage.
  2. Hit the “Customize Channel” button located in the right-top corner.
  3. Scroll down to the links section and click on the “Add” button.
  4. Enter a name for your link.
  5. Enter your Buy Me a Coffee URL in the URL section.
  6. Hit “Done”.
  7. Congrats, your Buy Me a Coffee button will now show up in the about section of your YouTube channel!

Adding a Donate Button to Medium

  1. Download the Buy Me a Coffee buttons from the brand page.
  2. Go to your Medium article or make a new one.
  3. Drag and drop where you want the button to appear in your article.
  4. Click on the image and enter your Buy Me a Coffee profile link.
  5. Hit confirm.

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Get Support from Your Audience with Buy Me a Coffee

You’re probably asking yourself, “Doesn’t [insert app here] allow me to get donations through their platform?” And to that we say, “Yes, but not like Buy Me a Coffee.”

We like to think of ourselves as a warmer, more social way to get support from your fans or community. Which is great for when you view your fans as family.

Instead of sending their payment and personal information into the void of a faceless corporation like Facebook, Google, or Amazon, whose moral scruples are to-say-the-least questionable, you’ll be able to send your fans to a thoughtfully curated landing page that allows them to support you in a way that feels different, and we think that means a lot.

Buying a coffee is a warmer, more genuine way to receive support from the community than adding a standard donate button. With Buy Me a Coffee, you can accept online donations, create memberships, and build direct relationships with your audience - all with just a few clicks.

The ‘donate’ button never really died. Instead, it has changed with the help of such sites like Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee. These sites not only help in supporting creators that people like but also give the chance to find similar creators whose work they would probably like and support.

Give it a try and join the family of 200,000+ creators already using Buy Me a Coffee.