Selling a product or a service usually involves some form of capital. With the e-commerce business model, you will need a website for selling a product. You have to get a website designed and you need to pay for hosting. As to how much it would cost depends on what features you plan to include on the website. Thankfully, there are platforms that will let you sell a product -- specifically digital art -- at no cost to you at all. That's right, it wouldn't cost you a penny! No sign-up costs. No hidden costs. Most importantly, there's no catch!Buy Me a Coffee is the best platform online that lets creators sell their digital art for free. Selling has never been easier with Buy Me a Coffee. Just sign up as a creator and get started! Easy as pie.

Why Sign Up for Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee has more than 150,000 creators and still counting. Our ultimate goal is to help creators effectively sell digital art and connect with their audience at no cost at all. We do not charge monthly membership fees like Patreon and Ko-fi. All of our resources and features are all for free. Also, there are no minimum earnings for you to get paid. We provide you with everything you need -- from getting started with your creative business to help you connect with your audience. If you have a digital product, do not wait for a second -- sign up with Buy Me a Coffee to earn your first dollar and eventually a fortune! We strive to be always optimistic for our creators. Creators using our platforms have earned a six-figure income. We can help you get these earnings fast. Why, you ask? Patreon takes up to 12% of your earnings and we only take 5%. We start earning only when you earn.

Buy Me a Coffee in Comparison With Ko-fi and Patreon

We can't wait to tell you why Buy Me a Coffee is the best alternative to Patreon and Ko-fi. When you decide to become a creator, all help will be available to you. As a newbie, you may have a lot of questions about getting started and how to make money. You can contact us anytime you want - even at the wee hours of the morning. Our Live Chat is available 24/7. No exceptions. Patreon and Ko-fi do not offer this support. We value our creators and we want to make sure that help is given almost instantly.

Buy Me a Coffee VS Ko-fi

Signing up for both platforms is free. However, there is a $6 monthly fee to take advantage of Ko-fi's advanced features. We do not ask for monthly fees at Buy Me a Coffee. Monthly support and Support-only posts are all free with Buy Me a Coffee. Unfortunately, you will need to sign up for a Gold Plan (for Ko-fi) to be able to use these features. While $6 a month may seem like a small amount, that is already $72 savings annually. Analytics is a helpful tool for analyzing your web traffic. Buy Me a Coffee gives this tool to our creators for free while Ko-fi charges at least $6 for it. Also, we have a mobile app which makes it more convenient for your supporters to engage with you and view your digital art. Ko-fi doesn't offer this. We really do mean it when we say we want to help you grow. This is why all of our features are available at no extra charge. You get all the help that you need to run a successful creative business with Buy Me a Coffee.

Buy Me a Coffee VS Patreon

Yearly membership payment is a hassle-free feature for both the supporter and the creator. You as the creator earns more while the supporter just makes a one-time payment and he gets everything. Patreon doesn't have this feature. Supporters of Buy Me a Coffee do not need to sign up. With Patreon, a patron needs to create an account. It's hassle-free with Buy Me a Coffee. As soon as you start earning with us, we can give you the commission instantly. With Patreon, it takes up to 30 days to get paid. You can also sell Extras with Buy Me a Coffee. It's an exciting and fun way to provide something more to your supporters. Our creators can offer things such as Ebooks, art commissions, 1-1 consultations, zoom event tickets and exclusive videos. You can also pick our template or start from scratch. It's all up to you. Our creators have full control of their page and their supporters. Rest assured, we will never email them to sell something. You have our word.

Creative Success with Buy Me a Coffee

Selling is work. But we won't make you feel like you're working at Buy Me a Coffee. As much as possible, we want to create a delightful experience for all of our clients. This is why we prefer a "buy me a coffee" button to "become a patron." It just sounds fun that way. Your supporters can "buy you a coffee" using their credit card, PayPal, Apple, Pay and Google Pay. Patreon and Ko-fi only use both PayPal and credit card payments. If you are serious about running a successful creative business, sign up with us today. You do not have to think about what you need to do to set up payments or sending emails to your subscribers. We do everything for you. Our system is also extremely safe and reliable because we value security the most. Our payment processing is handled by PayPal, Stripe and Razorpay and we never store credit card info on our servers. We have Cloudflare for added protection. Our team is also very responsive and knowledgeable. If you have a question, contact us and we are happy to assist. Do not worry if you are with either Ko-fi or Patreon already as you can always make a switch. That shouldn't be a problem at all!Are you ready to get started? Hit the sign up button and start creating today!