Sell Digital Downloads Online

Look no further, Buy Me a Coffee (BMC) is the perfect platform for creators to sell digital downloads. We get it. There are so many options for gating your content and it can be overwhelming. But finding the right match for you starts with understanding what will resonate with your fans.
If you’ve been dabbling with different ways of monetizing your creator business, then you have to check out the Extras feature!
Mostly when you think of selling online, the first thing that comes to mind is a trendy item - we’ve all seen the ads for weighted blankets and reusable water bottles...there’s definitely no shortage of these types of products for sale online.
Yet as a creator, we want you to know that you can go beyond selling basic products.
You can go one step further by selling digital products aka products only accessible via your Kindle, iPhone, iPads, and other devices. These digital products can be anything from guides/ebooks, video consulting sessions, art commissions, and more!
But the question remains... If you have a digital product and want to sell it, how do you attract your audience to purchase your product and get sales?
Platforms like Shopify and Gumroad can be used to sell digital downloads, but are hard to setup and can alienate your fans.
This problem is the exact reason why our mad scientists at BMC designed Extras! So, that creators like you have the freedom to sell digital products that bring value to your audience.

Exploring BMC Extras and Memberships

The BMC Extras feature is a game changer for creators like you wanting to sell digital products, since you can sell them in a creative and friendly way.
As a creator, selling is important to grow your business. It can help you make a living or reinvest to create even better content.
But the truth is most audiences don’t like salesy tactics (yuck)and they can often sniff them out like a bloodhound. In fact, the hard sell approach can turn off your fans and make it less likely that they purchase your premium content at all.
The good news is there are ways to avoid falling into the greasy salesman trap. The main way is by choosing a membership site that makes purchasing your digital downloads a fun and organic experience for your fans.
BMC makes selling your digital downloads feel less like a transaction. Instead when fans use BMC they’ll feel like they’re showing their favourite creator some love.

Types of Extras You Can Offer on BMC

Extras can truly mean anything digital you want to sell to your audience - use your imagination! We have a few options to get you started, but you can be as creative as you want. The sky’s the limit.
Our Extras feature is one of the best ways to sell digital downloads since each Extra is highly-customizable, so you can deliver your content to your audience exactly how you want to and bring your unique vision to life.
Let’s dive in.

Zoom Event Tickets

One of the Extras BMC offers is allowing creators like you to host a paid Zoom event and invite your lovely fans. You get to share your expertise on any kind of video conferencing platform including Google Hangouts, Instagram, Houseparty, or any others.
Just ensure your event is private, so you’re only giving paying fans access to your premium exclusive content. You can adjust the settings on your platform to control who enters the event.
For instance, Zoom allows you to control who joins your event. If your link was shared with someone who did not pay, you do not have to invite them to join.
Choose how many people can come to your Zoom event and even ask questions to fans beforehand.
Check out how BMC creators sell their Zoom event tickets through Extras:

Art Commissions

An Extra perfect for talented artists is offering art commissions.
#CommissionsOpen means artists can give fans the opportunity to purchase a piece of personalized artwork.
What’s better than owning a special piece of artwork created by one of your favourite artists? Give your fans the opportunity to collaborate on a piece with you.
If you do get super busy (hey, life happens!) and you’re unable to fulfill a request for an art commission, you can politely refund the purchase on your BMC dashboard and provide a reason why to your fan.
Yet, remember commissions can be for anything even beyond artwork - if you’re a creator who can commission another type of piece then by all means give you fans an opportunity to get their hands on it.
Check out how BMC creators sell their art commission through Extras:
Psykhophear offers horror drawings and fan artwork. Whether it’s a portrait or character drawing, fans can pay to have personalized artwork created just for them.
monatheepic is making digital art and animations whether it’s a full body character or custom drawings for fans social media profile.

Exclusive Videos

Give your audience access to exclusive videos, whether it’s a behind the scenes cut or even early access to video content that the rest of your audience won’t see for a while.
This can be a powerful way to monetize while giving your fans the special access to content they  desire.
YouTube creators already know the power of unlisted videos, but other types of creators can also take advantage of offering never-been-seen before content to those who want access.
Check out how BMC creators sell their exclusive videos through Extras:

Add to Instagram Close Friends

The Instagram feature “Close Friends” allows you to create a list of friends who get exclusive access to your Instagram Story content.
If you prefer using Discord servers or Telegram groups you’re totally able to create your community on these platforms too.
You can ask your fans to support you and in return you can give them access to these platforms to see exclusive content.
Check out how BMC creators sell access to their Instagram Close Friends through Extras:

Ebooks and other Downloadables

Have you considered writing an ebook to share your expertise with your fans?
Channel your inner Hemingway and write an ebook to give your fans insider knowledge about your area of expertise. Make it so valuable that your fans will be dying to get their hands on it.
If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of writing a long book, keep in mind that it can be any length you want.
If you think there are any other digital tools you can create and sell to your fans as a downloadable then consider offering it on Extras.
Check out how BMC creators sell ebooks and downloadables through Extras:

1-1 Consultations

A  personal way your fans can connect with you is through 1-1 consultations or video calls. This is a private, meaningful interaction between you and your fan.
It can be the perfect to offer up some of your expert advice, set up office hours, be a shoulder to cry on (just kidding!) - the options are endless.
There’s a lot of ways to make a 1-1 consultation with a fan super valuable and worthwhile. Giving your fans an opportunity for this facetime will make them want to trade up their money to get the opportunity to chat with you to gain your insight and expertise.
Check out how BMC creators sell 1-1 consultations through Extras:
Selling digital downloads using Buy Me Coffee is the best way to give your fans more opportunities to connect with your business. Explore BMC Extras to give your fans access to your valuable, exclusive content.