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Hi, I'm Keith and have long been fascinated by mechanics, photography, travel, art and a host of other obsessions.The Living Image Camera Museum was an accident started in the year 2000. What started out as a method to record all the various cameras I had rescued evolved into a website, the objective is to educate a non film generation of what came before.

In time I hope to have at least one presentable image published for every camera in the collection. The average cost of 35mm film from purchase to publishing is $16 and much more for the others. Now of course, this is one of my interests and I expect to pay for it, but should anyone wish to help me fill in the gaps in the galleries - I thought this might be useful.

Thanks for dropping by.

J.F. Henry
J.F. Henry bought 5 bit of films.

Thank you, again. I am putting this towards a new box of Foma 120, as I have several 120 roll film cameras coming due for outings. As autumn is now upon us and we are locked down in the UK, I am concentrating on restoration rather than using for a bit though.

Bengt Hermansson
Bengt Hermansson bought a bit of film.

Superb site! I´m about to restore a couple of wooden field cameras for a local museum and enjoy your descriptions of your work. Besides I share some of your other interests, have been a pilot for 42 years. Visited Jersey last summer. Best Regards and keep up the good work.Bengt HermanssonMolndal Sweden

Good luck with the restorations, always good to know I am not alone in my obsessions. Thank you very much for the film!

J.F. Henry
J.F. Henry bought 5 bit of films.

Thank you very much! Your donation was allocated to the Agilux Agiflex, two colour films being processed.

Mark Teadham
Mark Teadham bought a bit of film.