"Red squirrels of Austrmǫrk, who call themselves Svengar, have unique tradition of wolfslaying, made in honour of their patron god, Þreir. According to the legend, he had a wolf friend whom he raised. However, through alfish trickery and magic, the wolf turned evil and Þreir ended up slaying the wolf in an epic battle. Afterwards, he skinned the wolf and wore his pelt on himself after an old eagle tells him. When he put it on, their flesh and skin became one. Hence, he and his friend became united once again to be never parted again, and this is why Þreir is always depicted as a wolf. For the Svengar, it is a great honour to best these monstrous yet noble beasts in combat. Only a few attempts such tasks, and even fewer return back. Those who are victorious wear a piece of their foe's skin, those who are called Úlfhéðnar." All right, that was long. I hope you enjoyed this lore bit and the Úlfhéðinn drawing from my world. If you want to learn more about the lore of my world, just ask (I have too much of it to share).