A 15 minute sketch of a female black rat from my world. I gave her a simple kirtle and a simple headscarf, so she is probably a peasant. I really should have made it larger (it is less than 15 cm in height), but it is serviceable for a practice sketch. For those who will ask "Where are the ears?", the answer is in my world female Murines cover their ears—although unmarried ones sometimes leave them uncovered—with a headscarf due to ears being considered sexual body parts in females based on rodent behavior (during oestrous the ears wiggle). This is not a case for other rodents however, hence squirrels and stoats I posted before do not have headscarves in their cultures. About the word Rättin: Since I could not invent a conglang for every species in my world, I gave them a real world language, in the case of rats, it was German—Austrian German for black rats (Rattus rattus), North German for brown rats (Rattus norvegicus). However, using human words for animals would break the worldbuilding, so I invented new words to compensate. For example: Ordensknecht (equivalent to Ritter since my knights do not ride anything), der Ratte (male rat, notice the change in Artikel), die Ratte (equivalent to Mensch), and of course, die Rättin (female rat). Anyway... Enjoy!